Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twitter Interview #9 @tvsboh

 My 8th Twitter interview is with one half of the @tvsboh team!
(The Very Supreme Broadcast Of Honour)
To be more specific, with Mike! He is also my first ever Canadian Interviewee, so I am EXTRA EXCITED!!! Enjoy the comedy to come...

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?

I am happy to participate AND I’m doing it against my will.

State your name and purpose:

My name is Mike from The Very Supreme Broadcast Of Honour (TVSBOH) and my purpose is to destroy Higgins from TVSBOH but don’t tell him or I’ll have to kill him.

What is the funniest sound?

I think the funniest sound is likely the sound of my face hitting the cold tile of my bathroom floor after tripping on a cat (Meowzers) that I’m cat-sitting for my great-aunt. Meowzers and I were getting along swimmingly until that point.

What food would you force your mortal enemy to eat?

Bacon. Once they were done and satisfied, I’d let them know that there was no MORE bacon and watch them cry in extreme pain and displeasure. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA…ha?

You just won a years supply! But of what?

Of Two-Toned BBQ’d Vegetable-Pita Soy-Extracted Pine-Needle Sprinkled Non-Organic Whipped 10% Cocoa Drizzled Vegan Smoked Replacement Rubik’s-Cube Parts (Yellow Only)! YAY!

Write a very short story about a mischievous tiger, who learns in the end that he is actually a monkey. Please also give him a name.

Xanana the tiger was just finishing the last of the bunch of bananas. He was interested in only one thing – watching other tigers slip on banana peels. He also kept a paw-full of his own poop ready so he could throw it in the faces of his fallen tiger-friends faces and laugh at them. He was quite the joker. But today, the joke would be on him. Shortly after laying the peel from the banana he had just eaten carefully in an ideal spot, Xanana, with poop in paw, waited patiently for an unsuspecting tiger to approach and fall into the trap. Suddenly, and without warning, a tiger lunged at Xanana from behind and sunk its teeth into him. As the tiger was swallowing Xanana, he asked of the tiger “Why are you eating a fellow tiger?” to which the tiger replied with a mouth full of monkey “Tigers don’t have names like Xanana. Tigers have names like Xiger.” Xanana realized in that moment that he was a monkey. Seems like life was the joker this time…Except that Xanana got the last laugh because as the tiger ingested him he also ingested the handful of monkey poop and died later that night from a bacterial infection of the stomach lining. -Fin

Name a movie you hate. How much would someone have to pay you to make you watch it?

Grease. $2.50 and a bottle of Sugar-Free Diet Baseball-Bat To The Head

Cheshire cat, Felix the cat, Sylvester the cat, Tony the Tiger or Garfield?

Felix The Cat and his Bag of Tricks! That freaking cat had a magic bag and nothing beats a cat with a magic bag!

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game)

The Sims because I want a real job and have someone tell me when to go to the bathroom.

Your knee is hurting because an angry fly flew into it 17 times. Do you retaliate or try to talk it out?

If it would agree to fly to Higgins’ house and fly into his knee 18 times, I’d promise not to kill it.

Make a motto using the following letters GFORT (an acronym, if you will)


Complete the sentence:

There should be a new religion called...Electric Fence Peeing of Ow

My elbow tastes like...the average elbow, with a new twist!

Toes would be better if...they went out and got their own jobs – freeloaders.

The best thing about Saturday’s never ever have to see those people again. Until Monday.

I can't You can’t remember me. Don’t let your LIIIIIFE, pass you by. We can’t recall the memoryyyyyy. (Written and performed by Sarah McAlzheimer)

Would you rather...

Spend a week as an assistant to
A) Bill Clinton
B) Bill Gates
C) Bill Murray
D) Bill Nye the Science Guy

D. Bill Nye the Science Guy is the coolest person in the world. AND OUTTA THIS WORLD. BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL…

A) Doomed
B) Damned
C) Deserted

C. I LOVE a nice dessert.

Have your long lost twin, who you just met for the first time, be
A) Fat
B) Bald
C) A number of cats in a long jacket pretending to be your twin

All of the above. Bald, fat cats in a long jacket pretending to be my twin. At least then they would resemble me. *runs off blubbering*

Be named
A) Baron Von Forkenberg
B) Prince Poppington, the Polite Knight
C) Mrs Peacock

B. I have royal blood IRL so I think it only appropriate. Plus, I’m pretty FREAKING NICE. GET IT? *shoves fist in your face in a non-polite way*

Have to
A) Kiss a frog that doesn't ever become a human, let alone a Prince
B) Climb Rapunzel's hair, even though she has many split ends and you will likely fall
C) Be Rumpelstiltskin

B. I would bring only the finest leave-in conditioner. TRESemme. OH LALA

Draw a picture of yourself saying something to us via speech bubble. Be as detailed as you wish.

 Now I KNOW you guys need to know more about The Very Supreme Broadcast of Honour,
so check them out here:

You can see why I interviewed Mike first...ahem...


The Very Supreme Broadcast of Honour said...

You were an excellent interviewer, Laura! Thanks for the tea and the pre and post-interview conversation about politics, fine fruits of India and how to get home when you lose your feet. Cheers! -Mike of TVSBOH

Laura D said...

You were a lovely interviewee Mike. The gift basket of kilts, shortbread and bagpipes is on it's way.