Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oops! Another photo, it seems I found another

Alright, found one. This was from 2 weeks ago I think but at least it's still of me and Leonnie so maybe you can just imagine this is what we looked like yesterday. Again Leonnie on the left, me on the right.....hmm it seems Leonnie's always on the left and I'm always on the right.....oh well, why mess with what works? In between us is a pic'n'mix! Oh yeah! I remember when you had to weigh the pic'n'mix before you bought it and now Leonnie tells me all you have to do is fill it to the top. How times have changed.

Also, should probably have wrote this in the last post but nevermind - I noticed yesterday a lot of similarities between poker and Cluedo for instance, the deception, a lot of the time in Cluedo as with poker you have to deceive people and purposely (in cluedo) not show certain people certain cards (I like to call it hoarding!). Sometimes deceiving people by what you say helps too, for instance yesterday everyone kept asking and where the hell Mrs White was and so I joined in and started accusing Paul of hoarding her, ofcourse I was the one with Mrs White, but nobody else knew that. Maybe my theory is correct or maybe I'm just trying to make Cluedo a little more cool.

Picture I promised you

Here, it's the only one I can find from yesterday. Leonnie on the left and me on the right, this is us setting up for Cluedo DVD Version, right there leonnie is choosing which pen she would like....tough decision.

P.S. Paul was hoarding Miss Scarlett!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Another photo - Laura D McBryde - that's my name, just you try and wear it out!


Hey all!

Just sitting here thought I'd drop you all a line.....infact scratch that, it doesn't make sense - I've been reading a lot of Dashiell Hammett. Anyhow, sitting here with a can of coke and a Wonka Bar.

Leonnie came over today, we played Cluedo - Leonnie won! Good chips today also. Will post pictures and what not tomorrow.

Hold on going to open my Wonka Bar..........................hey! What the.............hold on there's something in my Wonka Bar.......................*GASP!!!!!!* AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! It's a golden ticket!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought my life would be anything but catastrophe but suddenly something something something cos I've got a golden ticket! It's ours Charlie! I've got a.........WAIT!!! NO!!! It's not ours Charlie! It's MINE! I'VE got a golden ticket, not YOU! Yay! I get to go to my own factory!

Got to go now people the factory awaits. Here's the proof

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Old Timey Sweet Shop

Another photo from today. BUD took the photo! Happy Bud? He also made it all that cowboy way. I think it looks like a photo you would see up in the corner of a website that sells old timey sweets. What do you think?

New Dress!

Got a new dress and here's a picture of me wearing it, this is actually me today so if you ever wanted to know what I look like when I'm writing this jibberish now you know! I really like that tie thing at the back.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Friday Free Roll

On Friday I played a Free Roll online, Texas Hold'em that is. Started out with 1,500 chips and my plan was just to stay out the way for a while and wait for the other players to make the bad moves and get themselves put out, which works.....for a while. 1000 players started and now we were at a break - around 400 players left now and I was down to 305 chips after a bad beat I think with trip Queens. I knew that once the break was over I had to go all in pretty soon to double up to something decent.

Break is over, I get dealt Q9 suited so I put it all in. Not sure how many people called but anyway the flop comes something like 4 9 10, turn is another 10, the river is something like a King and I win with 10's and 9's. So I double up to something very nice. Few hands later I get the nut flush and the guy keeps raising so I go all in again and ofcourse win and get to around 2000 chips. The very next hand I get AA. Flop is A J 5, turn is another J, so now I have a full house and again these maniac internet players keep raising so I keep raising back, needless to say I win and get to 6000 chips!

Places get paid up to the top 100 players. I get placed 49th! Which means I win a lot more than the people at 100 - 50 but less then the places above that, I hope I haven't confused you. Anyway I win £3! Not much since it's a free roll, but a well earned £3.

Below is me after the 3 hours of play. Did I mention the tournament started at midnight? I'm pretty tired right there but pretty happy too.

Looking over my blog

I was just looking ovre my blog and a few things popped into my mind:

1. Just remembered Fredrick owes me a McDonalds because I guessed correctly which garage was his! Unlikely that I'll get that though since he seems to have mysteriously disappeared since that day...

2. I need to blog more

Below is a picture in which I think I look very cool. But unfortunately now I have to be very uncool and tell you all the truth - tell you all that it infact is a magic wand I am holding in my hand there.