Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Few of my Xmas Presents the snow. Because, well, it snowed. I don't need another reason.

Lady and the Tramp! Tramp is a lot bigger than he seems in this picture.

 A beautiful Bill SkarsgĂ„rd desk calendar!
(And Cali...but don't count her, she isn't a present)

 A captain's hat. Yep. A captain's hat. Avast ye!!
Or wait, maybe that's pirates.

Fitzcarraldo on dvd!

 And at long last, I finally get a Dallas mask. Now I can go rob banks and fix drills whenever I damned well please!

Monday, January 23, 2017

For Bud "The Morning Stovies"


Frost litters the car park
Cold demanding heat
A distant dog "bark bark"
He'll take his morning stovies

I don't know which part is the Stovie
But he knows
Yes, he knows
Which part is the Stovie

I don't know Stovie from Stevie
I think it's the mince...or potato
Or does it have mince?!!

He'll take those morning Stovies now.

By Laura D