Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yesterday Paul and I went into Greenock to get presents for people. We went to the Oak Mall which I didn't like cos people bang into you constantly and there is a guy walking around in a Santa suit, he waved at me, I didn't like it, in Woolworths there was a childs puzzle and you re-arrange the pieces, it was very annoying because I really wanted to correct it but Paul wouldn't let me cos we were standing in the line, it was very frustrating. On the upside I was wearing a cool hat, unfortunately no pictures of the hat though. Also we found this new place called SUBWAY. I had only previously heard about it on Glenn Humplik's blog and on South Park with that Jared guy. We went in and I had to make a lot of decisions first we choose 2 Meatball Marinaras then the guy kept asking a lot of questions, don't remember what all the questions were but there was a lot. Anyway thumbs sideways on Oak Mall, thumbs up on SUBWAY and thumbs up on my hat.

Paul took a picture of Leonnie's house on the bus ride home, again don't like busses, they smell weird, there was a drunk guy that fell onto another passenger, AND MOST OF ALL Granny Mitchell was on the bus and totally ignored me and Paul!!!!!!! I know she has done this to Leonnie too! Why must you be so rude Granny Mitchell?!

The Great Blackout of 2005!

Thursday 15th December 2005. There was a blackout all along the avenue and other avenues too ofcourse. I have 5 human interest stories about the blackout. So sit back, relax and imagine each happening to you. And remember it happened at 11pmish so it is pitch black!! Even street lights are out!!! Luckily, Fredrick gave us a candle.

1. Laura, that's me. I was in a shower I had just put the shampoo in my hair and the shower went OFF! I waited for a few seconds for someone to press the button cos usually when I'm in a shower the power goes out so you just go and press the orangey button but I heard Paul and Dad downstairs going on about it's the whole avenues etc out, so I have to get out the shower with shampoo all in my hair, needless to say I was not very happy.

2. Paul. He goes to charge the camera battery for the next day, he plugs it in and sees the little light beside it sort of fade out then all the lights go out. Paul thinks he has caused the blackout.

3. Dad. He had his computer de-fragmenting!

4. Fredrick. He told us he was upstairs and his mum (Wilmaw) shouted on him for something and he put his hands over his face as if to say I've just sat down or whatever and he takes his hands away from his face and all lights are out.

5. Leonnie. Leonnie had no clue there was a blackout.

Writing by candle light

Did you always wonder what they used to write by candlelight? Well since I experienced it I can tell you! They write out Deal or No Deal game so that they can explain how it works to Leonnie tomorrow.


Nanny can yap forever on the phone

Poor Leonnie.

Not blogged in a while

Leonnie on the left, Laura on the right, Paul taking the picture.

Here's a picture from 2 weeks ago when Leonnie was over. She was talking to Nanny on the phone. Nanny phoned and talked to Paul for ages then Paul panned the phone off on me so I had to talk to Nanny for ages then I panned the phone off on Leonnie and she had to talk to Nanny for ages then I'm sure she panned the phone off to the Neverbugs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another Poem

I hope they don't misconstrue
Misconstrue Bud and Crew
For that would bring alarm
To the voters of the farm

The farm, that's right, with pea, turnip etc
With bean and sprouts and farmers etc
For soon will be the Presidential election
That for us means package collection

Friday, December 09, 2005


Ok here's the deal. Paul is doing poems on his blog so I'm going to do one on mine. That's right.

I had no idea
That it was raining
That day
That day in the park
No point explaining
About that day
That day in the park
Remember Castaway?

Thank You and Goodnight

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Here We Are

Hey guys. Wut the happs?

Yesterday a fan requested that I speak about my Christmas decorations so today I gave that fan my camera phone to go wild and take pictures of my decorations. On go ye Bud! On go ye!


Decorated mirror


Close up of tree


I believe that is Jessica Fletcher on tv.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Ok everyone listen up. Here's what happened one week ago today...

I get up at 5am and leave with Nanny in a taxi (driven by my dad's friend Todda, which has nothing to do with anything) at 6am. We get to the train station at 6.15ish. Nanny thinks the hat I'm holding is a bag. Nanny sees someone she knows and starts yapping with him. Train comes late. Nanny is still yapping to guy on train. I think I'll go down a line now.

We get off train and are at Glasgow Central Station, we get sandwiches which I dont eat til I get back home much later on. We get ANOTHER taxi to a place called High Street Car Park where there are many crew (not "The Crew") busses and vans. It's about 7.20ish now. Nanny gets something to eat from the table of food and I had to explain that the food was free but she kept trying to pay the guy for it. We wait around on the bus with a load of other extras, the bus is good it has 2 heaters and a tv and many tables. I talk to people on bus and we wait around for AGES!

Person comes and tells us we're getting drove to the place we're filming which is a little bar called "Fuse" in Glasgow which by the way I had a lot of trouble holding in my laughter about cos of Fuzzy Fuse! Fuzzy Fuse! Paul and Leonnie will know what that means. We get in a little van then arrive.

Nanny has to sit in a corner and I felt sorry for her because every time I looked over at her she looked EXTREMELY bored. First thing is I sit at a table with this guy I think his name was Bruce, we had fake beer to hold, we just mime in the background. Second thing to do was me and this Bruce guy to walk in the background of the Taggart guys (I don't know their names I don't watch Taggart). Third and last thing was I stand in the middle of shot mime talking to this guy(don't remember his name) and then a fight breaks out behind me and he pulls me out the way so I don't get hurt. The guy fighting in the background falls into me a few times and one time I got hit with a pint glass! Anyway I think that's everything, but it lasted a LONG time, we didn't rap until 8pm!! That's 7am til 8pm!!!! A thirteen hour work day!!!

The director does too many takes. He did more than 30 takes per little tiny line. He does too many takes. WE do one or two takes and that's it. Unless Leonnie and I keep laughing then it's still only about 8 takes. Then we get to watch bloopers.

Anyway, I think that's all. If I remember anything else important I'll come back and post. Oh just remembered something! At last we finished filming Most Scary! Yay! Paul will edit it all then I'll watch it and Leonnie can watch it next Friday because this Friday I think she is going to a pantomime. Wait. Pantomime or Pantomine? I don't know. Now I thinks that's all now.