Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Ok everyone listen up. Here's what happened one week ago today...

I get up at 5am and leave with Nanny in a taxi (driven by my dad's friend Todda, which has nothing to do with anything) at 6am. We get to the train station at 6.15ish. Nanny thinks the hat I'm holding is a bag. Nanny sees someone she knows and starts yapping with him. Train comes late. Nanny is still yapping to guy on train. I think I'll go down a line now.

We get off train and are at Glasgow Central Station, we get sandwiches which I dont eat til I get back home much later on. We get ANOTHER taxi to a place called High Street Car Park where there are many crew (not "The Crew") busses and vans. It's about 7.20ish now. Nanny gets something to eat from the table of food and I had to explain that the food was free but she kept trying to pay the guy for it. We wait around on the bus with a load of other extras, the bus is good it has 2 heaters and a tv and many tables. I talk to people on bus and we wait around for AGES!

Person comes and tells us we're getting drove to the place we're filming which is a little bar called "Fuse" in Glasgow which by the way I had a lot of trouble holding in my laughter about cos of Fuzzy Fuse! Fuzzy Fuse! Paul and Leonnie will know what that means. We get in a little van then arrive.

Nanny has to sit in a corner and I felt sorry for her because every time I looked over at her she looked EXTREMELY bored. First thing is I sit at a table with this guy I think his name was Bruce, we had fake beer to hold, we just mime in the background. Second thing to do was me and this Bruce guy to walk in the background of the Taggart guys (I don't know their names I don't watch Taggart). Third and last thing was I stand in the middle of shot mime talking to this guy(don't remember his name) and then a fight breaks out behind me and he pulls me out the way so I don't get hurt. The guy fighting in the background falls into me a few times and one time I got hit with a pint glass! Anyway I think that's everything, but it lasted a LONG time, we didn't rap until 8pm!! That's 7am til 8pm!!!! A thirteen hour work day!!!

The director does too many takes. He did more than 30 takes per little tiny line. He does too many takes. WE do one or two takes and that's it. Unless Leonnie and I keep laughing then it's still only about 8 takes. Then we get to watch bloopers.

Anyway, I think that's all. If I remember anything else important I'll come back and post. Oh just remembered something! At last we finished filming Most Scary! Yay! Paul will edit it all then I'll watch it and Leonnie can watch it next Friday because this Friday I think she is going to a pantomime. Wait. Pantomime or Pantomine? I don't know. Now I thinks that's all now.


Bud said...

You brought me a 500ml bottle of coke!

Hey laura, blog the xmas decorations next!

Laura D said...

Don't tell me what to blog! I'll blog what I like!