Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dedicated to the News of the World (and newspaper fans)

Old people tell me
That newspapers are good
Have investigative reporters
Tell news like they should
And when it comes to cable news
They say they love ratings
Love adverts and money
It's all for their takings

I've never liked newspapers
But try not to hold grudges
Even when my fingers
Get covered in black smudges
It's a waste of paper
But none the less
Let the old people
Have their written press

So where are they now?
Those people with such conviction
Who were trying to prove
Their precious non-fiction
You said the newspapers were good
Tell news like they should
And the journalists were practically
Your own Robin Hood

By Laura D
(That's me!!!!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taking Over From the News Of The World

I hereby claim the space left by the News of the World, including all readers and revenues.

Read all the latest headlines on my twitter account. It'll be like the NOTW never died.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Trees, A Poem

Unlike me
Can be tall
Or like me
Can be small
But they are still

I'm expert at saying things that seem like they have deep meaning, when in fact, they mean nothing at all. Yeah boy!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Laura D Reviews "Transformers Dark of the Moon"

First of all, yes, I went to the 3d version. And yes, the glasses were too big for my head so I couldn't put my head against the back of the chair without it pushing the 3d glasses off my face. Now onto the review!

Let me start with the positives, the special effects were cool and the robots were the best part of the movie.

Now, the rest....

How about I put it like this? Did you like Boy Meets World but thought it wasn't cheesy enough for you? Do you need an extra large ham salad on the side of all that cheese? If so, you will love Transformers. In fact, look at the main characters in both!

Twins! I have to say, I don't know which of these is Transformers and which is Boy Meets World.

Transformers! Robots IN disguise! A misleading song, seeing as the robots are only in disguise for about 3 seconds, the rest of the time they are robots.

But seriously, if you like sitting down for a long long time, you're gonna like this movie.

I give this movie 2 out of 10!
It gets 7 out of 10 if you go see the first 5 mins then leave the theater for 1 hour 30 mins then come back and watch the last hour.