Friday, February 03, 2006

Me fixing my hair, with my new outfit!

Me waiting for Leonnie to come over

Leonnie came over today

Good times had by all...Paul took this picture, we are all relaxing after having our tea of chips...except Leonnie who seems to be going superhuman speed.

We all played Cluedo DVD version

By all I mean the whole 3 amigos! Me, Paul and Leonnie. Leonnie won! Turns out it was Rusty and everyone was hoarding a card, I was hoarding Mrs White up until the last second of the game.

We decide to play with the new fencing swords that Paul and I bought

Let the fencing begin, I say! Paul didn't want to join in the tournament.

We decide to have a fencing tournament, best of three

We wear cool eye masks for a while, The Mask of L's if you will. I will!

Action Packed Fencing Round

By the way, Leonnie and I decided we had so much fun that we want to take up real fencing, WITH REAL SWORDS!!! We could wear those weird net masks that cover your whole face and those pristine white suits.

I Win!

I win 3-2. But good competition. Fencing Tournament again next week!

Look How Muscular We Are

Don't Mess With Me, Man

Cool Picture of Leonnie

Might I also add at this point that all pictures were taken by Paul.


Look how mean I look. Cool.

He Who Lives By The Sword, Dies By The Sword

The new movie

Action packed movie, starring Laura and Leonnie as their usual comic selves. In this movie they face many fencing challenges but will they win?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hey Everybody!

Hey valued customers,

Just on to say: got a new mobile. It's called a Motorola ROKR. Now cool people, when they say the name of the phone say it is a "Motorola Rocker". You see when you read the letters together it's rocker. But I call it "Motorola R O K R". Pretty good phone. Has iTunes and I had no idea what that was when I got it but it's just a thing to play your MP3's and you can put 100 MP3's on it! Yay!

It looks like this...

Bye bye.