Monday, June 26, 2006

Read This Post Before You Scroll Down

A few days ago I wanted to see how cool I could look, so I got my fedora, my waistcoat, my silk white tie and all my other cool things and wore them all together. Below are 3 pictures of me that day. Have to say.....I'm pretty cool....

Cool D Picture 1

Cool D Picture 2

Look how cool I look...

Picture From The New Movie

I don't know what it is called yet, but here we are in a scene somewhere near the middle of the movie being frustrated. Leonnie on the left, me on the right.

That is all I shall is all very top secret......not really, I just don't remember what it's about. Give me a break it was weeks ago we filmed.

Playing Cluedo A While Ago

There's Leonnie. If you look to the right bottom corner and up a bit you can see my foot. Paul took the picture.

Uh oh, it seems all my posts are about Cluedo DVD Version. Oh well. It's so cool it deserves many posts.