Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Morning

I catch the rat, staring through the window at Chino in his cage...AGAIN.

And this photo is not photoshopped either. She is obsessed!! Or maybe she just sees his hoards of seeds...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

"A Rodent Love Story"

She comes everyday
"Can Chino come play?"
But Chino just sleeps
"She ain't one of my peeps"

She tries to get his attention
Even attended his convention
But he's down in the dumps
Like so many Trumps

He's not going to be President
Or ever so affluent
But she doesn't care
Cause she loves his hair

Maybe one day
He'll go out to play
Perhaps tomorrow
He'll visit her burrow

By Laura D

TRUE STORY TOO! ...most of's the proof. She climbed the chair outside to get a good look at him! (Chino's cage is in the bottom left corner)

By the way this is NOT photoshopped, she was actually balancing like that!!