Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

I will start by saying this, in the past I have avoided watching any Spiderman stuff because I do not like SPIDERS. I do, however, like people who squish spiders for me...but that is besides the point! I decided today, I shall give Mr Spidey a chance.

Little did I realize that half of Spiderman is set in high school, American high school no less. So that brought up some relatability problems. I will say that if you're American you may have no problem watching this movie. ...I will also say that in comparison to this movie, I was able to relate to Abraham Lincoln hunting down vampires.

Half way through the movie I pretty much gave up and got my phone out to chat with my brother, I think it's best if I just post that conversation to give you a fuller appreciation of what I was going through...

me: Buddy
 Paul: hello!
 me: am in Spiderman
 Paul: aaaaaaaah
 me: its driving me bananas
 Paul: how is dis possible
 me: hahhhah
 Paul: what do u see
3:43 PM me: A man in a lab coat Hahhahah
 Paul: aaaaaaaaahahahaha
 me: I'll tell u how bad it is
  id rather be watching saved by the bell with a spider next to me
3:44 PM Paul: hahahahahaha
3:47 PM me: Cheesy lines and faces galore
 Paul: hhahaha
  typical spiderboy
 me: yep
3:48 PM I'd rather watch 56 hours of spongebob, 1 ep repeated over and over
 Paul: Squidward!
3:49 PM me: hahhahaRight now spiderboy is having dinner with his girlfriends parents

6 minutes
3:56 PM me: Want a pic?
 Paul: i
3:57 PM me: Ko hold on
3:58 PM Goin in dbox
 Paul: hahahhah
  looks like dennis leary
  oh wait is it
 me: it is!
 Paul: ahahahahah
3:59 PM ill take another when spiderboy is on
 Paul: ko
4:03 PM me: Dennis Learys nose looks big on the big screen
  If I may
 Paul: aaaaaaaaahaaah#
4:04 PM me: hahah
4:07 PM Spiderboy pic goin in dropbox
 Paul: webs
  hes a webmaster
 me: yep
4:08 PM hhahahahha he is!
 Paul: for further information please contact the webmaster.
 me: Hahaha
  What's that Spiderman poem?
  peter parker picked a pep of pickled peppers
 Paul: hahahahah
 me: Hahahhahah
4:13 PM  This movie could use a black guy 
That about sums it up for me.

I give this movie 3/10
(If you like white American teenagers in high school acting cheesy and listening to Coldplay then you may give this movie a higher rating)