Saturday, December 08, 2012


You heard right! It's time for some Xmas photos. And next week perhaps there will be some Xmas videos. BUT NOT YET! Photos now!

Check it out, you can see my scar in that last pic.

Friday, December 07, 2012

A Little Update

I haven't done my bullet points in a while so here we go!

  • It's only 18 sleeps til Xmas!!!
  • I licked an envelope today and it tasted very nice. Now let's say no more about it.
  • I shall be watching Scrooged tonight. We need more Bill Murray xmas movies I think.
  • Buttocks.
  • Chino has learned to squeak to communicate with me. "Squeak, squeak, squeak...squeak" whilst looking directly at me means: "Please put me back in my cage Laura, I need to use the bathroom."
  • Went to the import food shop today and got myself a tin of Heinz tomato soup, was deeeeeelicious. Here's the proof:
  •  Also, I got a new haircut, and here's the proof of that: