Monday, October 31, 2005

Almost Forgot to Say

Leave a Comment about my posts. I'd like to hear your opinions on Most Haunted, Stuart etc. Bye bye.

Halloween, Friday, Most Haunted and a Good Picture of Me.

First of all Happy Halloween for today! Yay! Halloween is great! 3rd Best Day of The Year!!
The best is obviously Xmas, second is Birthday, third Halloween and incase your interested 4th is Xmas Eve.

Now, to Friday, I would say that Friday was one of the best days ever! Because when Gillian came with chips, we usually get 2 pickles in one bag of chips, then Leonnie and I will have a pickle each but here's how it went down. Leonnie opens her bag, 2 pickles, Paul opens his, 2 pickles, I open mine, 2 pickles. THATS 6 PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I LOVE IT.

Then we filmed segments. Ofcourse, this means since it's Halloween time, "MOST SCARY"!

We love doing Most Scary, it's great.

Most Haunted Live. The last 3 nights have been great, sorry to use that word again but it is needed. Can't wait til it comes on tonight. I will speak about Most Haunted in 3 points.
1: Julian "Egg" Clegg
2: Richard Felix
3: Stuart Torevell

  • Clegg. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. With his stupid heed and his stupid ears! He takes up too much time! With his stupid text msgs and stupid photos of viewers watching the show! He is so annoying! FIRE HIM NOW!!!!! I hear he has a show before it and after it anyway. That's 2 hours! Why give him time in the real show?! Everytime something good is happening at the actual location it cuts back to Clegg. And he takes up too much time!!!! I have to be John from Blackpool here, "GET 'IM OUT!!!"

  • Richard Felix is underrated! He is hilarious! I was watching the webcams last night because it kept cutting back to idiot Clegg so I would mute when Clegg came on and come up to the computer and watch webcams then once Clegg is gone I unmute and watch the show again. So anyway I was watching the webcams and Richard Felix kept walking in front of it and I can't explain it but he was just generally being hilarious! I remember once he did a lone vigil (don't know if that is how you spell it) and he was outside somewhere and he was talking about how scared he was then he fell over! Best of all he tried to trick us by saying "Oh no! It's got me!" HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. The much underrated Felix.

  • Stuart Torevell. He is hilarious! We have all been talking about it here and we don't think he realizes how hilarious he is. I mean really, really hilarious. Paul and I were watching on Tuesday and it was a repeat, Stuart was on a lone vigil (don't know if that is how you spell it) and he had the camera and was pointing it at a door saying "What is this door? Where could it lead? Oh, it's the Gents." And on the live Halloween one that is happening, I think it was 2 nights ago. Jon Dibley said something about smelling a horrible smell like someone hasn't washed then said that he is standing next to Stuart, Stuart says "Might be me, I don't like to wash". Oh and last night he was feeling sick. I am sitting here trying to remember what else happened but I can't remember. Oh! Not from last night but I have to mention it. Ancient Ram Inn. Enough Said. Except ofcourse to say that it was very scary until I noticed his shoe fell off and we couldn't stop laughing.

Now. Pictures from Friday when Leonnie came over. I'll start off with this one of me. I like this picture.

First off....

Big up to Richard Felix!

Most Scary, To Night Vision!

Switching to Night Vision. Pic is of me.

Most Scary, It's kickin off!

Note: Leonnie and Joe just came over. Leonnie is wearing her cape and Joe was wearing a mask and what appeared to be bin bags. Apparently they are driving around and slowing down when they get to children to scare them. Keep up the good work!

Most Scary, Stuff Keeps Happenin

What was that!

Most Scary, Saw Something!

I saw a shadow up there! I'm telling you!

Most Scary, A Noise!

I think Leonnie must've just heard a noise!

An Explanation of Most Scary

Let me just explain what our Most Scary segment is about.

It is a lot like Most Haunted, only we lie.

An Explanation of Most Scary

Let me just explain what our Most Scary segment is about.

It is a lot like Most Haunted, only we lie.

Most Scary, Figured it out

Leonnie has just figured out who I am talking about.

Most Scary, See if you can sense anything

Me left, Leonnie right.

Most Scary

While filming Most Scary. Me.

The Much Awaited Toe-Nail Story

This is Leonnie telling me about her toenail. It fell off. I think she said she was watching Most Haunted in her house and was playing with her toenail and it just came off! Leonnie left, Me right.

I like this

Me on the left, Leonnie on the right.


This is me and Leonnie running around the livingroom, in a circle and also spinning around while we were running..........I'd rather not explain why we did this.

Red Shirt

This is Leonnie in her red shirt, I like it. Leonnie decided to wear red and black for Halloween and I decided to wear all black, for Halloween, but also in honour of Derek Acorah's last Most Haunted Live.


All hail Rosemary, Tarot master! Ooh, she's getting something in her minds eye!

Leonnie goes home


Monday, October 24, 2005


Here's what happened on Friday...

Leonnie came over and we didn't have anything to film so we played the playstation cos that's what we used to do all the time and Fredrick used to come in. Fortunately Fredrick wasn't there on Friday.

First we played Track and Field, that's the game we used to play the most. And everytime we play it it's obvious how it will go. Here's how it ends....

1st Place - Paul
2nd Place - Fredrick
3rd Place - Laura
4th Place - Leonnie

And that's how it goes each and every time. This time though as I said Fredrick wasn't there. So I had a chance to move up to 2nd place!

First to choose our names and countries. Paul chooses the name Bud and country Cuba. We later start calling him Booood. I choose the name Abe and country Russia. Leonnie chooses Fuz and country Canada. Later Paul calls her Fuuze (pronounce it something like "few zz" and say it in a high voice and you'll be saying something like what Leonnie was getting called).

We played 100m first. Bad move for me and Leonnie. Ofcourse Paul came first. I came 3rd. Leonnie 4th.

Then we played some other ones, Shot Put, Hammer, Triple Jump etc.

Then onto Swimming. Disaster and ofcourse Paul comes first again. Twenty seconds after Paul has finished Leonnie and I are still trying to get to the end. We let the guy finish himself.

Also we notice the guys are weird in it because Paul's guy was black and then he was white. It was all very weird.

We finish this game and here are the results...

1st Place - Paul
2nd Place - Computer
3rd Place - Laura
4th Place - Leonnie

Now when you finish this game the guys are on little podiums (don't know if that is how you spell it) BUT there are only 3 podiums, 1st 2nd and 3rd. So Paul's is on the top mines is on the lowest. And Leonnie's guy is lying down behind the podiums, punching the ground. Poor Leonnie.

Then we played Tennis. Me and Leonnie against Paul. Paul wins.

Then to the best bit of the day. Micro Machines! This was the high point of the day. Lots of Laughter. The thing about Micro Machines is the controls are a little weird, you press left you go left UNLESS you are going down screen then it's left means right. Paul and I can do this. But Leonnie had a little trouble with left and right and speed.

We play the first game and Leonnie goes FLYING off the screen at high speed! This is just the first second of the game. Paul and I continue until one of us gets a bonus then Leonnie's little car appears again. The beep goes, to indicate continue racing. Leonnie goes flying off the screen at high speed.

So we decide, alright, lets go slow so Leonnie can get used to the controls. We are going extremely slow and Leonnie starts going round in circles. We are all laughing our heads off! It's so hilarious. We play three more courses on Micro Machines. They all go the same way. Leonnie flies off the screen at high speed, Leonnie flies off the table honking the cars horn, Leonnie spins in circles.

We re-think this. Then we send Leonnie to Driving School. Now the driving school on this is very patronizing. The woman who tells you what to do is called Cherry but we thought she said Terry so we were calling her Terry. The first course is easiest it is just drive up screen. The hardest of these levels was driving around the cones, Leonnie had to have done this 30 times at least! Banging into cones driving too slowly or too fast not following the arrows, this Terry was never satisfied. I remember Leonnie did it perfectly and Terry said "You're not trying, I can tell"!!! Aaaaaagh! Leonnie kept shouting at Terry it was hilarious.

I think that's it, if I can think of anything else that happened I'll come back and blog it.

Here is a picture to indicate the playing of the playstation.

I apologise for bad picture quality, it is due to bad lighting in my house.

The course

Ok, now this is the course. It seems simple but believe me, it's not, not for Leonnie anyway, although I did try and couldn't do it.

Watch out for those cones!

Shouting at Terry.....or is it Cherry?

This is Leonnie shouting at Terry. And with good reason.


This is Leonnie just after she has completed the driving school! Waaay!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Waay back in the day

Posting some pictures today. This is way back in the day, when my hair was short. This is me in "Dosh". Look, I'm being a croupier!


Apparently we are phoning people. Me on the left, Leonnie on the right.


Our Evil Twins look like they are doped up on hippy sticks. Evil Laura on the left, Evil Leonnie on the right ofcourse.

Me in a Sherlock Holmes

Here's one I forgot about. This was way back in February, 14th actually. This was me in "The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle. Scary. Look what they did to me! Nooooo! Don't let me die!!! Think I'm supposed to be dead already though.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Here's what happened yesterday...

Got up at 8am again and watched 2 episodes of Just Shoot Me that were on tv.

Watched Prime Ministers question time at 12pm and I was laughing my head off! Michael Howard is hilarious don't let him resign!

Then I went in the town, I had to get a postal order for £4.99 to pay for a dress I got from ebay. I hope it's worth it or else I just wasted £4.99 never mind having to have a horrible trip into town, it was raining! My hair got messed up!

Anyway I got a taxi into town because I couldn't be bothered waiting half an hour for a bus in the rain.

So I get into town and start walking to Greggs to get tuna softies, when some old guy who was quite a bit in front of me, walking towards me shouts out,
"Somebody's happy!"

At this point I am confused. I don't know who this is. So I turn around to look behind me incase he is shouting for someone else. There is no one there. I continue walking then he says
"Did you win the lottery?"

I am confused beyond belief here. So I reply

Then he walks away. Can someone please explain this to me?

Anyway then I get to Greggs. Haha oops just did a Leonnie. "got to get to greggs". I get tune softies then go to a newsagents near by get juice and crisps. Then to Post Office which is very annoying because I am waiting in there to be served for at least 15 minutes when there are only me and 2 other people there. It takes forever! Then I go to the library to get a library card. I go in. And by the way I have never been in this Library before. I look around and it is the smallest library I have seen in my life. It's basically just a couple of shelves so I decide I don't want a library card but by this time the woman I guess "librarian" had seen me so I ask for a library card she gives me a form to fill out which takes about 10 minutes to fill out I give it back to her and she says
"Have you got any I.D?"

I was not aware you needed ID to get a library card. Why would you? Anyway I didn't so I left.

I took pictures on my walk to the bus stop so here they are.....

Photo of the Town

This was me walking to the bus stop. Look how far away the bus stop is!


Slightly reminiscent of that James Dean photo. Only without James Dean and without a good setting.

Sneaky Picture 1

I am standing at the bus stop trying to take a picture of the big clock but without anyone noticing so I cannot look through the bit of my phone to see what I am about to take a picture of so I hold up the phone to my side and quickly press the button. Didn't work.

Sneaky photo 2

Tried to take another photo of the clock with the clock actually in view this time, hoping no one else standing at the bus stop with me notices. A little off to the side but better.

Sneaky Photo 3

Once again, I was quite obviously trying to take a sneaky photo of the clock in the town. This time I managed it. And no one noticed!

Stairs to Library

The stairs of the library. And look, a bin.

View From the Bus

This is the view from the bus when it was driving. Apparently through some sort of forrest!

Coming Home on Bus

This is me on the bus on my way home from in the town. I hate being on the bus.

Anyway, on to describing the photo.
As you can see the inside light on the bus is on, I like this, infact it's the only thing I like about the bus. It reminds me of Halloween and Christmas time. That's a good feeling.

If you look out the window, the house on the left is Leonnie's house. I actually took this picture 'cos I saw someone go inside but I was too slow getting the phone out and they had already gone in. You can also see Leonnie's bins. All 3 of them. Old browny and old bluey outside her house and old blacky hiding in the sort of porch bit. I have these bins too only old blacky of mine has to stay outside the porch. The house on the right of Leonnie's is Nanny's. Nanny lives there. Chib Chib Chib Chib Chib Chib NANNY!!!!! You can also see a sign, I think it means something along the lines of watchout for the school?

On the inside of the bus, there are yellow poles with buzzers to stop the bus on them. I do not like to touch these yellow poles. There are also two old people, old people are the only people that go on busses in the daytime.

On the Bus....again

This is me on the bus. The same bus as post above. I was trying to get another picture of Leonnie's house. Mission completed.

Outside the Library

This is outside the library in the town.

As you can see more rain.
If you look in the distance you can see a small brown building, this is the doctors. I go there when I need my hayfever refilled.

If you look in the distance to the right there is a long white building, this is the swimming pool, inside the building, ofcourse. I remember it closed down. But I think it is opened again. Not sure.

There is also a bin in shot. This is just a bin. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Getting rid of Hiccups

How do I do it? I have hiccups right now. How do I get rid of them?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday, Memory Day.

From this day on, Sundays will be memory day on my blog. I will give you one of my memories.

Today, it will be the memory I shall call "The Magic Roundabout".

I remember one day, not sure what age I was, probably aroun 14 years old. But I cannot be sure of that. I was off school sick so I was sent over to my aunt Gillian's house (mother of Leonnie). Much to my surprise Leonnie was sick and off school too. So anyway, we were sat on the couch and we had a big towel over us to keep us warm and Gillian made us toast and gave us coke then went back in the kitchen.

Leonnie started turning over the channels, went through movie channels, children channels not really stopping on anything. Then she stopped on a channel and it was a programme called "The Magic Roundabout", we had never seen this programme before. Now you must keep in mind that we were very sick sitting on that couch. We started to watch "The Magic Roundabout" and we were totally confused by it. But then a little box came into it and went around the characters and I think it sang and me and Leonnie could not stop LAUGHING. Hugely LAUGHING. We really could not stop LAUGHING at that little box.

The weird thing is...when we told Paul about this, he said there is no box in the magic roundabout!!!

So this brings up the question Did we see that box? Is there a box in "The Magic Roundabout"? Or because we were sick did we just hallucinate it? And if so how could we hallucinate the same thing and find it so hilarious? Also did Gillian think we were a couple of idiots?

If you have any answers to these questions please leave a comment. You don't even have to be registered to leave a comment! Or if you just want to comment on my true story then please do.

Thank You for your time, Laura D.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yesterday I said....

Yesterday I said I would put up pictures from that day of filming but Paul didn't put it on the computer yet so alas I cannot. But I will put up a load of pictures from bloopers! Woo! Bloopers! Yay! Here we go...

Looks like Leonnie has just punched me. But I am just laughing from too many bloopers.

Another Picture.

Me on the left, Leonnie's hand on the right.


I think this is a very good picture of Leonnie.

I Think Leonnie Wasn't There That Day.

Me, side the ways.


Me sleeping. Leonnie pickling.

Picture Book

Laura D in front, Leonnie C in the back.

Am Gettin' Outta 'ere!!!

Leonnie on the left, me on the right.

Friday, October 07, 2005

7th October, Friday.

Hey. Wut it be?

I got up at 8am today! That is pretty early for me. Just aswell I had an ice cold can of coke at hand. I would've fallen asleep on the couch without that early morning caffeine kick.

Leonnie came over about 4ish. We did some segments for the show...then, and by the way I do not remember how this started out, Paul put on that Robin Hood and Little John song on and Leonnie and I acted it out. Also did "Scared to Ask" etc. Maybe tomorrow I'll post up some screen captures from them once Paul gets them on the computer.

Tea Time - Chips. Tasty, Tasty Chips with gravy and a pickle, but no pickle for Paul! He doesn't know the proper way to eat a pickle!!! He bites right into it when everyone knows you must peel off each pickle layer, eat it, suck out its juice, peel off another layer and so on.

Right now onto pictures. A sort of picture essay of the day if you will.

Fuzzy yet none the less cool picture.