Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Frederick comes in and tries to break even

Last night Paul and I are just sitting in the livingroom, all of a sudden a huge loud knock on the window! We look out the blinds and what do we see? FREDERICK! (That's our neighbour) So we let him in, seems a little obvious to say that but sometime we don't let him in and we hide, but he know this already.

He comes in and sees my Indiana Jones Fruit Machine. It's a real full size and working arcade machine, I should mention that I don't like Indiana Jones the movie but I sure do like his arcade machine, it's a good thing to have around because when drunk people come in your house they put all their money in it!

Anyway he puts a total of 60p in the machine for 12 plays and he gets exactly 60p back! We are all in shock becuase no one ever breaks even with this machine! So Frederick was very pround of himself and decided to try it again. He puts in £1. He puts in another £1. I think he ends up putting somewhere in the region of £4-£5 in it trying to get the exact same back (he didn't even want to win he just wanted the exact same back but in different coins). Needless to say he did not break even and he put all his money in the machine............which is real nice for me 'cos I get to keep the money.

There he is trying to break even. You can also see my shoulder.

Playing Poker with Frederick

Yep, Paul and I had to explain to him how to play hold 'em. Every time he wanted to check he would say, "I flop"!

I think the photo says it all.

Oh yes right there on the table beside me is a joke present from Paul, the Raymer glasses.


Actually Boxing Day today but I'll tell you about yesterday.

Presents of note that I got:
  • Poker Table (YAY! Is not just for me, but to share between me and Paul)
  • Miniature bottle of champagne (Paul got me this and I made him pretend with me that WWII had just ended and we had to celebrate!)
  • Wynton Marsalis and Duke Ellington CDs
  • Cary Grant framed photo (Which is broken...I opened it up and glass went everywhere!)
  • Harry Connick Jr's 1992 New York Big Band Concert on DVD
  • Steve Martin comedy album! (Paul got me this too)
  • Poker set with chips and cards (Dad got me this, little did he know I just bought a bunch of chips)
  • A great book called Movie Star Portraits of the Forties
  • Feather Boa and sparkly hat (Leonnie got me these!)
  • Pocket watch (this was Paul's work, he knows how I like to act like an old posh rich man. "Bring the car around Jeeves, I'll meet you out back! Pip pip old chap!"
We had a great dinner, it was this weird chicken you buy with stuffing already in it, it was good.

I also got a very nice red coat that looks very 1940s, I will surely wear it, get a photo and put it up on here sometime soon.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

BPT Final

Just a quick note to say good luck to all the people playing in the Grand Final of BPT! I'm gonna go get something to eat and drink then I'm coming straight back up here to watch the final.

Friday, December 22, 2006

22 December, Almost Christmas!

So I woke up today at about 2pm, got up and watched Santa Claus the Movie, the one with Dudley Moore and John Lithgow......and man I hate those children! They are so annoying! Also I cannot wait til they start that whole "Christmas 2".

Leonnie came over at 6 and we swapped presents but no opening til Christmas Day!

Went into a cash game and lost a bunch then left and went into a PL cash game and made a bunch back, so I'm happy with that.

Right now I'm trying to write this blog but Bud is telling me that I look like Ice T. This is not the first time he has told me this! He's always saying it! Yes......Bud is weird. I'll leave it there now.....going to watch the rest of Law & Order SVU.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good Photo

I like this one


This is the first hat I've ever gotten that actually fits! It's a real good feeling when you get a hat that fits exactly.

Another Photo

If you look in the background you can see my map of Italy on the wall. Hanging from the door to the right of the photo is the Mask, from.....the Mask.

Betty Grable Eat Your Heart Out!

I watched the Betty Grable biography last night, Paul asked how come all the biographies I watch have a sad ending. I told him cos all the really cool people are dead! Well, except for Bud and Crew that is.


This is me acting like I got the book smarts. Yes, those are sunglasses I'm wearing and yes, I cannot see the page through them.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

BPT, Sheet Music, Boxing, Christmas, Army

  • Firstly I'd like to say congratulations and good luck to everyone who reached the Grand Final of BPT!
  • What else? I just bought some sheet music. I think I might be addicted to sheet music actually. I got "Put The Blame On Mame" from the movie Gilda with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford, which is a fantastic movie! I recommend it to everyone, it's just great! Go watch it! Go watch it now! I got another 2 sheet musics aswell.
  • I don't know if anyone knows but I like boxing too. And yesterday Bud told me that Prince Naseem is really fat now, I was very shocked and I didn't believe him! I still don't, so I'm going to have to go find out about it in a minute, I'll get back to you with the results.
  • I've bought all the Christmas presents I need to buy for people now, just waiting on one to arrive. Wrapped a bunch too.
  • I meant to write this ages ago when it was my birthday but I forgot so I'm writing it now. Does anyone else get happy birthday cards from the army? Because for the last 2 years I've gotten cards! Maybe they're hoping I'll enlist..........the answer is no.....I'm far too pretty to go to war ;)

Saturday, December 16, 2006


No, 8th place wasn't enough. I'm 27 in the overall leaderboard, so oh well. But you got to admit, 2 consecutive final tables is pretty good. Oh well...

BPT event 7!

Just got busted. Finished 8th. If I've worked it out correctly I should have about 484 points total. Hope that's enough for the Grand 20, which incidentally has 20 people in it!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hey there!

Man. I have to get up at like 8 tomorrow! Nooooo! Have to go to the bank pretty early, they're charging me £60 for something or other, so Dad is taking me and he's going to shout at them. He's very good at shouting at people....not as good as Nanny but she takes it too far! Paul knows. When he got fired Nanny wanted to go shout at them!

Anyhow, probably play some poker when I get back from the town. I don't think Leonnie is coming over tomorrow, think she's got to go buy presents.

Saturday! BPT! I think I have to get at least in the top 10 of this event to go onto the Grand 20. I've already asked Paul to try and get me some Lucozade tablets to keep my energy up. All that glucose makes me hyper and I think a lot funnier so that should be nice for Paul, he'll get entertained while watching me play.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another photo and BPT event 7

Needless to say I am very happy that it's going to be hold'em because now I actually stand a good chance of moving up quite a bit in the leaderboard!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Hey All!

Leonnie came over today so we filmed a whole bunch of stuff before chips arrived then we watched a bunch of stuff we filmed last year. We were watching one particular part that Paul had slowed down, we were playing a game I made up called "Beanie", (by the way so you're not confused - People in the house - Me, Paul and Leonnie. So we were watching this one part and Leonnie could not stop laughing! She was literally having a fit! She couldn't move her neck she kept saying....meanwhile I'm laughing my head off because I have no idea why she is laughing so much and Paul is sitting watching us, very confused. She eventually stopped laughing after about 5-10 minutes. Then a few minutes later she started again! Apparently she thought of the slow motion again. Anyway it was hilarious!

Also, while watching the beanie game we realized that Leonnie was Beanie Champion 2005. So we all decided to play Beanie to see who was the 2006 champion. We played for about 15 minutes (the game is basically throw this little weird white ball and the other person hits it, either with a roll of wrapping paper or with their hands, this one was the wrapping paper.) Results of Beanie Game - Laura and Leonnie are tied Beanie Champions 2006! Paul didn't play.

Here we are after winning. We look a little weird, the light is right above us.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I was reading beerguys blog and he requested I post another photo or talk about the Phil Hellmuth book I was reading so I have decided to do both!

The photo below was taken yesterday after I played too much online poker! I've given myself a rest today and haven't played any at all.

Omaha Hi Lo chapter of the Phil Hellmuth book - Phil says never underestimate the importance of A-2 among your starting hands and some professionals find it more important than starting with A-A. The reason being that the majority of low boards require that you have A-2 in your hand to make the nut low. That's all I'm saying today....I don't want to give too much away and reveal my complete strategy for the 16th! Yes, that's right! I have a strategy!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Few Things

  1. Thank you all for the comments.
  2. Just played in a tournament 1,500 people, finished 52nd.
  3. I know that the next BPT event is Omaha HiLo, so last night before I went to sleep I read the Omaha HiLo chapter of my Phil Hellmuth book, I think I have a pretty good grasp on the basics now.
  4. I'll need to go have number 5 from my advent calender now, haven't had it yet.
  5. I think Leonnie's coming over on Friday, so to Leonnie - Paul is going to make us work! No! I hope we get to eat first...
  6. 20 days til Xmas!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

BPT Event 6

So anyone who doesn't know, I've signed up to the Blogger Poker Tour, which is a series of 7 events, each with a prize pool of $500, plus you get points on the basis of the position you went out of each tournament, ie if you go out first you get 1 point, go out second you get 2 points and so on. There's a leader board and the people with most points after all these events play for the grand prize of a seat at the Aussie Millions!

I like this whole idea of awarding points, it reminds me of Poker Superstars. Well, anyway, I've just signed up and they were already at event 6 so there's probably no way I'll get to the final table for a shot at the Aussie Millions, but I shall try none the less.

Event 6 - I finished 2nd! Yes that's right! $100!!! Once again if you need proof, here it is - Click
I was going to blog all about it but then I realized someone else is doing all the hard work! So if you really want to know all the main hands etc, go to this guy's blog - Click
I just want to explain one thing, the very last hands, heads up, the guy raises the minimum, so I figure maybe he's just getting frisky maybe trying to steal so that's why I raised all in with QT which isn't such a bad hands when you're heads up. It's just bad luck that I ran into pocket aces.

I think that's all for today. Except to say one thing.......I won $100! YAY!

Playing Holdem

Leonnie on the left, me on the right, Paul behind the camera. It seems you will never get to see Paul.....or will you? Maybe I'll take a sneaky picture of him and post it before he gets to delete it!

Photo from a while ago

Not so long ago, but it was when Paul was still at work. Me on the left, Leonnie on the right and please do not ask why we are sitting in the dark on my kitchen floor.....it's a long story....and not a very interesting one.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Charity Tournament

Started at 9pm went until 11.30pm which isn't too long compared to some other tournaments I've been in. I made it to the final table and finished 9th, won $3.90.

One hand I had pocket aces, flop comes 3TT, so pretty good for me, I make it 300 to go and one guy calls me so I'm thinking maybe he's paired the three or maybe he just thinks I'm bluffing probably has ace high. Turn is something like 6h, I check it to be safe, he checks too, so I figure I probably have the best hand then. River is Js. I bet 600 and guy goes all in, it's only about 150 more so I call and the guy turns over pocket tens, man it is not a good feeling when you're pocket aces are beaten by quad tens!

I made a lot of great lay downs today too, I folded pocket 7's and the guy had JJ. I folded my QT suited when the flop came T82, the guy had KT so I am so glad I got away from that one!

Knocked out when I went all in with 66, what can I say? I was major short stack. Get called and they turn over A9 off. Flop was nothing big, neither was the turn but guy sucked out and caught a 9 on the river so oh well.

I think the charity got something like $130 because of all the people that used up all their re-buys. Oh and by the way I didn't rebuy! Not once! Although I did add-on 1,500...