Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Actually Boxing Day today but I'll tell you about yesterday.

Presents of note that I got:
  • Poker Table (YAY! Is not just for me, but to share between me and Paul)
  • Miniature bottle of champagne (Paul got me this and I made him pretend with me that WWII had just ended and we had to celebrate!)
  • Wynton Marsalis and Duke Ellington CDs
  • Cary Grant framed photo (Which is broken...I opened it up and glass went everywhere!)
  • Harry Connick Jr's 1992 New York Big Band Concert on DVD
  • Steve Martin comedy album! (Paul got me this too)
  • Poker set with chips and cards (Dad got me this, little did he know I just bought a bunch of chips)
  • A great book called Movie Star Portraits of the Forties
  • Feather Boa and sparkly hat (Leonnie got me these!)
  • Pocket watch (this was Paul's work, he knows how I like to act like an old posh rich man. "Bring the car around Jeeves, I'll meet you out back! Pip pip old chap!"
We had a great dinner, it was this weird chicken you buy with stuffing already in it, it was good.

I also got a very nice red coat that looks very 1940s, I will surely wear it, get a photo and put it up on here sometime soon.

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Leonnie said...

Oooh sounds all very cool! hehe!