Saturday, December 02, 2006

BPT Event 6

So anyone who doesn't know, I've signed up to the Blogger Poker Tour, which is a series of 7 events, each with a prize pool of $500, plus you get points on the basis of the position you went out of each tournament, ie if you go out first you get 1 point, go out second you get 2 points and so on. There's a leader board and the people with most points after all these events play for the grand prize of a seat at the Aussie Millions!

I like this whole idea of awarding points, it reminds me of Poker Superstars. Well, anyway, I've just signed up and they were already at event 6 so there's probably no way I'll get to the final table for a shot at the Aussie Millions, but I shall try none the less.

Event 6 - I finished 2nd! Yes that's right! $100!!! Once again if you need proof, here it is - Click
I was going to blog all about it but then I realized someone else is doing all the hard work! So if you really want to know all the main hands etc, go to this guy's blog - Click
I just want to explain one thing, the very last hands, heads up, the guy raises the minimum, so I figure maybe he's just getting frisky maybe trying to steal so that's why I raised all in with QT which isn't such a bad hands when you're heads up. It's just bad luck that I ran into pocket aces.

I think that's all for today. Except to say one thing.......I won $100! YAY!


Bud said...

I witnessed this event, 3 hours, of watching Laura as chip leader, me..humming the WSOP theme tune.
I saw it all.

Yes, I saw the $100 win.

Wade79 said...

Congratulations Laura. We were on the same table for a short while in the game and you went from short stack to chip leader at our table. Nicely played. You are in a great position to get to the final 20 now!!! Just as long as you are good at Omaha HL....

imjusthere4thebeer said...

Hey Laura,

Excellent finish! One more just like it and you'll easily make it to the Grand Final...

Next event should be huge, so there will be more leaderboard points up for grabs.

Welcome to the tour and great finish!