Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Frederick comes in and tries to break even

Last night Paul and I are just sitting in the livingroom, all of a sudden a huge loud knock on the window! We look out the blinds and what do we see? FREDERICK! (That's our neighbour) So we let him in, seems a little obvious to say that but sometime we don't let him in and we hide, but he know this already.

He comes in and sees my Indiana Jones Fruit Machine. It's a real full size and working arcade machine, I should mention that I don't like Indiana Jones the movie but I sure do like his arcade machine, it's a good thing to have around because when drunk people come in your house they put all their money in it!

Anyway he puts a total of 60p in the machine for 12 plays and he gets exactly 60p back! We are all in shock becuase no one ever breaks even with this machine! So Frederick was very pround of himself and decided to try it again. He puts in £1. He puts in another £1. I think he ends up putting somewhere in the region of £4-£5 in it trying to get the exact same back (he didn't even want to win he just wanted the exact same back but in different coins). Needless to say he did not break even and he put all his money in the machine............which is real nice for me 'cos I get to keep the money.

There he is trying to break even. You can also see my shoulder.


Leonnie said...

On first read I thought it said "Fredrick comes and tries to break in". xD

Laura D said...

hahahahaha yes that's how it usually goes! And guess what, Fredrick said he would text Paul later last night then he didn't text back and we thought oh that's weird....then we heard saddam was executed....hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

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