Friday, December 22, 2006

22 December, Almost Christmas!

So I woke up today at about 2pm, got up and watched Santa Claus the Movie, the one with Dudley Moore and John Lithgow......and man I hate those children! They are so annoying! Also I cannot wait til they start that whole "Christmas 2".

Leonnie came over at 6 and we swapped presents but no opening til Christmas Day!

Went into a cash game and lost a bunch then left and went into a PL cash game and made a bunch back, so I'm happy with that.

Right now I'm trying to write this blog but Bud is telling me that I look like Ice T. This is not the first time he has told me this! He's always saying it! Yes......Bud is weird. I'll leave it there now.....going to watch the rest of Law & Order SVU.

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