Thursday, December 29, 2011

Job Application to CNN

Dear CNN,

I would like to work with your network and have included my photo. As you can see I have a face on that says I don't like the "spin" you're giving me, what's the truth here.

Also, as I know your network avoids taking a stance on issues, I shall be using this face on both Democrats and Republicans. This way I can stick to your agenda of annoying everyone.

I may not have as much grey as Anderson Cooper or as much outright smarm as Piers Morgan, but I think I can do the job. I even propose that I wear patches on my arms with various logos on them so you don't have to cut to adverts every 3 minutes.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Laura D

Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas 2011 Poem

Hurry up Mr Santa
I hope you don't have asthma
Cause flying in the sky
Would make your lungs cry

I know you're pretty fat
So don't sit on my cat
When you come to my house
He's there to catch the mouse

I've left out a carrot
Please let the reindeers at it
I know they work real hard
Forever landing in the yards

Please leave my gifts under the tree
Or I'll release the killer bee
Now there's a nice Claus
I give you lots of applause

By Laura D