Thursday, August 28, 2014

Crayola Gear and a Neopet

My brand new crayola gear!! I will be keeping the yellow felt tip 
far away from the black.

Crayola tower of crayons! As you can see, these have been
used before.

And here is my first drawing using the pens and pencils.
It's a Meerca!!!
Oh the nostalgia.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Update! Edgar Allan Poe, Earthquakes and More!

I will do this post in my favourite form...BULLET POINTS! Pkaow, pkaow! (bullet shots)
Onto the update!

  • There is someone that hasn't been formally introduced to the blogosphere yet. So now, grab your cameras, as I introduce my newest friend...the one, the only...
Edgar Allan Poe!
 Yes, he's a hamster.
  • Yesterday, I experienced my very first earthquake!! Here's how it went down. Middle of the night I feel the bed shaking, and in my Neverland state (that place between sleep and awake) I figure maybe Edgar is running so fast on his wheel that he's shaking the whole entire bed. I go back to sleep and find out the next morning there was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake! My first ever, yay! Not as good as a ride on the teacups though.
  • I think donkeys are underrated.
No finer way to finish off a blogpost than with a poem! So here we go, don't hold your breath but you might want to anyway:

17 kangaroos
Had 17 didgeridoos
Each played a tune
Around about noon
While the rest danced around and boxed

By Laura D

Yeah, that's right I used a hashtag in a poem, deal with it.

Thanks for reading chaps and chapettes!