Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Poem For My Dad

I wrote this poem the day after watching my Dad die in hospital.

Elegy For Jupiter


Mere days ago, we sat with you
You laughed, we laughed and sighed
Now I sit alone, in front of you
I feel like I have died.

The songs are gone, and jokes are too
With you, they were all intertwined
Now I sit alone, in front of you
And I can't be revived.

The lucky ones, who loved with you
In vivid colours, blue and white
We sit together, in front of you
Our Paul Stephen McBryde. 

(Jupiter has the strongest gravitational pull of any planet, drawing everything in. My Dad had a similar pull, everyone was drawn to him.)
4 June 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Few of my Xmas Presents

...in the snow. Because, well, it snowed. I don't need another reason.

Lady and the Tramp! Tramp is a lot bigger than he seems in this picture.

 A beautiful Bill SkarsgĂ„rd desk calendar!
(And Cali...but don't count her, she isn't a present)

 A captain's hat. Yep. A captain's hat. Avast ye!!
Or wait, maybe that's pirates.

Fitzcarraldo on dvd!

 And at long last, I finally get a Dallas mask. Now I can go rob banks and fix drills whenever I damned well please!

Monday, January 23, 2017

For Bud "The Morning Stovies"


Frost litters the car park
Cold demanding heat
A distant dog "bark bark"
He'll take his morning stovies

I don't know which part is the Stovie
But he knows
Yes, he knows
Which part is the Stovie

I don't know Stovie from Stevie
I think it's the mince...or potato
Or does it have mince?!!

He'll take those morning Stovies now.

By Laura D

Sunday, August 07, 2016

The New Lion King

I was recently treated to a live reenactment of The Lion King. Starring Brutus and Arnie!

Kittens are fun.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

RIP Minnie

Minnie the Kitten

My little princess fought hard.

She spent her last moments in my arms, lifting her tiny shaking head and letting out some final, quiet, croaking meows before lowering her head and taking one more breath. ...a few heartbeats later and she was gone.

I cut up one of my cardigans to create a soft pillow for her to lie on. Covered it in a red satin sheet. And placed it (and her) in a metal box.

The box reads,
"All dressed up for dreaming"

A rose upon her grave.

As we buried her I played this exact version of Everybody Wants To Be A Cat on my phone...

Cali then visited her girl...

Monday, July 25, 2016

"Star Trek Beyond" Review


This is a movie about spacemen. Things happen with the spacemen. Then the spacemen do things.

I like this movie. I give it 3 bourbon creams and a black jelly baby!

Okay, I'm off to experience bij.