Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter! Competition Winner!

Happy Easter everyone, let's all take a few minutes to remember how Jesus sacrificed himself and then as the disciples prayed for him, he returned in his Jesus Egg.

And now! The competition winner is....DRUM ROLL......Leonnie! Because Leonnie is the only one who entered the competition! Your prize my dear winner is the title of winner. Enjoy it. You earned it!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I just wrote a poem, took me about 3 minutes, enjoy...

Bud and Crew
They're good for you
Bud and Crew
Nanny makes beef stew?

Bud and Crew
Have no canoe
Have no beef stew
Have no....
Beef stew

Bud and Crew
Have no kangaroo
Have no bowling shoe
but have a world view?

For all we want
is a hut to flaunt
is a hut to in vermont
is a hut we can haunt
when we are dead


I want to run a competition to see what happens. Probably nothing but still.


Basically what it says. Think up the best caption for this picture and win! WIN BIG! OH YEAH! WIN WIN WIN! NOW NOW NOW! GO!

Entries in the form of comments please. As in press the comment thing.


Yikes! I just looked at the blog and the picture is giant! Yikes!


I was on Taggart a few Wednesdays ago. I took some screenshots from it to show you all.

Damnit, I am trying to upload one and it isn't working so I gues you'll only have the one below this post. Oh well. Enjoy none the less...

I'm the cool one in the middle