Monday, November 28, 2005


Here's the new stuff.

Leonnie came over on Friday, we did studio bits and played with props and a camera. Pics below.

Paul and I went to TESCO's and people kept boxing me in with their trolleys. I have posted the XMAS tree below that was there.

I got a phone call today from my agent and I now have a part in "Taggart". Jees Oh, that's very Scottish. Filming on Wednesday and I have to be there by 7.30am!!!!! That means I have to get up at 5am!!!!!!!! Nanny will be taking me on the train, and I think Paul is coming too. I find out more tomorrow.

One Bullet, Two Heads


The Battle Between Good and Evil

Why am I evil?


We like coke.

My finger!!!

Props are cool.

Cool Dudes!

Look how cool we are. The patented Laura and Leonnie back to back.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Help Me Figure This Out

Ok, now listen carefully. I need to figure out what the hell this disease is called, if it is a disease. I was told I was born with cold blood and that they had to put me in some sort of heating device. I have been looking everywhere to find out and I can find no mention of this anywhere. I just want to know what it is called. Help me out here, c'mon, you know you want to, geez a clue.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

What To Write?

I'll give another update since I really haven't anything to say. Hmm, I'll give it in points so it's easier to read...
  • I have bought all Xmas Presents! Woo!! Yay!! Xmas is cool!
  • Oh! I asked my Dad about the whole Jesus Egg thing and he knew! You see, Me Paul and Leonnie (ie the 3 Amigos and you can't stop me from writing that Paul!) we were really very confused about how Jesus died the second time. Because remember he was born in the stable then he got crucified then he came back from space in the Jesus Egg then we didn't know how he died after that. Did he die? Or is he still alive today? Or did he go back to space in his Jesus Egg? Turn out no. My dad says he didn't really come back. That it was just the spirit of Jesus.
  • Paul asked me if I wanted some cheese I said yes he didn't hear me so I repeated it. (Paul wanted me to write that)
  • I read another chapter of my Sam Spade book last night.
  • Paul just turned it to CNN, Wolf Blitzer is on.
  • Mythbusters is on tonight at 8pm on Discovery.
  • I have nothing else to write pictures!

Look at that

Look there's the arcade machine away in the background. I might play it later if there's any money lying around...

Light Switch

The light switch looks pretty conspicuous there.


We are getting pulled into Georgmanji! Someone must've finished the game!


This is me laughing at Leonnie screaming "JEEVES!!!" in a very peculiar way.

At door

I don't remember if I have put this picture up before.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I want a hut.

Paul is still dizzy and still waiting on his blood test results.

I am hoping that my Dad will be at work (I think he will be) on Friday so we can at last finish this Most Scary episode!

I've been watching that new Noel Edmonds gameshow. It's good. Noel Edmonds makes me feel Christmasy.

That's all.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paul's Blood

Paul went to get his blood out today. Nanny went with him. Now this is a blow by blow of how I think it went down (I wasn't there) from both the accounts of Nanny and Paul.

They started out about half 8 (Paul and Nanny)

They went into the doctors and took a ticket and sat in the waiting room.

I assume they went in and the nurse or whomever said to take a seat and she got the needle and was taking his blood from his right inner elbow.

She says "that's about two tablespoons (of blood) now." Paul is looking the other way and is alright with it then he gets all dizzy.

He says "I'm dizzy"

The nurse has his blood in a test tube now and she is over in a corner talking to Nanny while Paul sits on the chair dizzily.

He falls but Nanny gets to him just in time and grabs him by the side and the nurse grabs his other side at this point the nurse also drops the blood in a tube (it doesn't break).

Paul doesn't remember anything from this point on.

Paul has a seizure.

Nanny and the nurse take Paul to a bed.

Paul wakes up while they are taking him to the bed.

"I was sleeping" Paul says.

"You were sleeping were you?" the nurse says.

"I don't know what's going on" Paul says.

"You don't know what's going on do you?" the nurse says.

They bring in doctor Gowling (think that is how you spell it).

He laughs. He says this has only happened 3 times in 20 years or else the nurse says that.

Doc tells Paul that he should go home in a taxi and lie down with his legs level to his body and not to do anything for the rest of the day, he will be dizzy the rest of the day (he is) then he will get a sore heed and I think there was something about eating chocolate in there or else Nanny said that.

I think that's it. And I have been making Paul soup and getting him juice cos I'm cool.

I'm waiting patiently for him to have another seizure because I want to see what it looks like.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paul wants me to write his experience on my blog

So here it is (in Paul's words)

"Went to the doctors. Back problems. Doctor says "ey, wuts that mark on your arm?" "I do not know" Doctor does not know either, he has never seen anything like it. He informs me I will have to go back tomorrow morning for BLoOD TESTS. Yikes."

There we have it. Blood tests, I think I might faint (That's me, Laura, talking by the way).

A picture show from his town experience....

Doctor's waiting room

Paul tells me there was something funny written on a poster over there he wont tell me what but he says tomorrow he will take a picture of it.

The Town At Night(Sort Of)

This is the town at 5pm, this is Paul walking to the bus stop.


Remember that time I went in the town and I posted pictures up that I took from my phone? Well Paul has just went in the town to the doctors and I gave him my phone to take pictures. He will be blogging his town experience either on this blog but much more likely on his own blog which is

So go see his town experience!

Next on my list of people to have a town experience is Leonnie. So Leonnie I'm sure you have a camera on your phone, next time you go in town take pictures and blog your town experience on you blog.

Now go see Paul's town experience when he gets back he'll post I'm sure of it.

In the meantime I have a Jesus Egg question for my Dad....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Laura D is Happy

Yay! I got a real comment! I think that might be my first real comment (one that is not from someone I talk about on the blog and one that is not an advert!). Thank You Chuck! You asked a question and McBryde is my maiden name, Laura D ain't married. I want more real people to leave comments, I've gotten a taste of them and I ain't going back!

No pictures today.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Guy Fawkes Night!

Hello! Wuts Happening?

I'm going to watch Derek Acorah's Quest for Guy Fawkes at 9pm but it lasts until 11pm so I'll have to tape the last hour of it because I'll be watching Law and Order SVU on five at 10pm.

Wow look at that. five That's the right font for it. Hey look at it. five Oh and I have something to say on the subject of five, which used to be channel five but now the more cool five. Anyway people used to mock channel five because there was never anything good on it but look at it now! It's got all the best programmes, which reminds me, Law and Order Criminal Intent is on at 12.55am on five which means I wont be going to bed until 1.45am at least. Hold on I'm getting off topic. My point is five is cool now. I would go as far as saying it is the best terrestrial channel infact the only one worth watching, nothing good comes on the other terrestrial channels. So there we have it, five gets two thumbs up. I forgot what I was going to say now. Oh well. Here's a picture.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Bad News

Here's the deal. Usually Leonnie would come over on a Friday. And last night Paul and I set everything up for Most Scary and wot not. Turns out Dad is staying in the whole day today. So Leonnie couldn't come over and Paul and I are bored. Worst of all I think Dad is bringing someone round tonight so that means loud music and super drunk people into the night and Paul and I wont be able to sleep :(

I'll post later on too probably cos I'll have nothing to do.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday 2nd November

Hey all. Wut it be?

Few things of note today.

Number 1: On Monday Paul and I thought we would time Most Haunted Live to see how much time they actually spend on location compared to in studio and on adverts. Now listen to this...out of a 3 hour programme they spent 1 hour 16 minutes 49 seconds on location. I think this deserves me to say "Outrageous!", please all join me in an "Outrageous!".

Number 2: Again Most Haunted, but this time Tuesdays episode. Two words: Gordon Smith. I don't like him. He reminds me too much of John Edwards. I also hate his accent, and yes I am allowed to say that cos I'm Scottish. In the words of John from Blackpool, "GET 'IM OUT!".

More complaining tomorrow. I'll leave you with a picture.