Sunday, November 20, 2005

What To Write?

I'll give another update since I really haven't anything to say. Hmm, I'll give it in points so it's easier to read...
  • I have bought all Xmas Presents! Woo!! Yay!! Xmas is cool!
  • Oh! I asked my Dad about the whole Jesus Egg thing and he knew! You see, Me Paul and Leonnie (ie the 3 Amigos and you can't stop me from writing that Paul!) we were really very confused about how Jesus died the second time. Because remember he was born in the stable then he got crucified then he came back from space in the Jesus Egg then we didn't know how he died after that. Did he die? Or is he still alive today? Or did he go back to space in his Jesus Egg? Turn out no. My dad says he didn't really come back. That it was just the spirit of Jesus.
  • Paul asked me if I wanted some cheese I said yes he didn't hear me so I repeated it. (Paul wanted me to write that)
  • I read another chapter of my Sam Spade book last night.
  • Paul just turned it to CNN, Wolf Blitzer is on.
  • Mythbusters is on tonight at 8pm on Discovery.
  • I have nothing else to write pictures!

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I very much would like to talk to you.