Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paul's Blood

Paul went to get his blood out today. Nanny went with him. Now this is a blow by blow of how I think it went down (I wasn't there) from both the accounts of Nanny and Paul.

They started out about half 8 (Paul and Nanny)

They went into the doctors and took a ticket and sat in the waiting room.

I assume they went in and the nurse or whomever said to take a seat and she got the needle and was taking his blood from his right inner elbow.

She says "that's about two tablespoons (of blood) now." Paul is looking the other way and is alright with it then he gets all dizzy.

He says "I'm dizzy"

The nurse has his blood in a test tube now and she is over in a corner talking to Nanny while Paul sits on the chair dizzily.

He falls but Nanny gets to him just in time and grabs him by the side and the nurse grabs his other side at this point the nurse also drops the blood in a tube (it doesn't break).

Paul doesn't remember anything from this point on.

Paul has a seizure.

Nanny and the nurse take Paul to a bed.

Paul wakes up while they are taking him to the bed.

"I was sleeping" Paul says.

"You were sleeping were you?" the nurse says.

"I don't know what's going on" Paul says.

"You don't know what's going on do you?" the nurse says.

They bring in doctor Gowling (think that is how you spell it).

He laughs. He says this has only happened 3 times in 20 years or else the nurse says that.

Doc tells Paul that he should go home in a taxi and lie down with his legs level to his body and not to do anything for the rest of the day, he will be dizzy the rest of the day (he is) then he will get a sore heed and I think there was something about eating chocolate in there or else Nanny said that.

I think that's it. And I have been making Paul soup and getting him juice cos I'm cool.

I'm waiting patiently for him to have another seizure because I want to see what it looks like.


Leonnie said...

That's Karma dude. KARMA! For all the times Paul tried to make Laura and I dizzy/sick with disgusting things.

I don't like the sounds of seizure (canny spell). Sounds scarey and dangerous.

Hope Paul is better soon. And hopefully no more seizures.

Anonymous said...

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