Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday 2nd November

Hey all. Wut it be?

Few things of note today.

Number 1: On Monday Paul and I thought we would time Most Haunted Live to see how much time they actually spend on location compared to in studio and on adverts. Now listen to this...out of a 3 hour programme they spent 1 hour 16 minutes 49 seconds on location. I think this deserves me to say "Outrageous!", please all join me in an "Outrageous!".

Number 2: Again Most Haunted, but this time Tuesdays episode. Two words: Gordon Smith. I don't like him. He reminds me too much of John Edwards. I also hate his accent, and yes I am allowed to say that cos I'm Scottish. In the words of John from Blackpool, "GET 'IM OUT!".

More complaining tomorrow. I'll leave you with a picture.


Leonnie said...


Gordon Smith... I'm not sure about him. He seems a wee bit more realistic than Derek did (no disrepsect to Derek). But I don't like the way him and that David wells seem to be 'Geling' together. And if he knew the knife would be flung at Yvette why didn't he do something!?

Laura D said...

I think that Gordon guy was the one that threw or placed the knife and the medal because everyone else was standing still that Gordon guy moves and all of a sudden a medal on the floor and with the knife, everyone was sitting down, that gordon guy stands up and the knife is there. Wut a co-inky dink.

Anonymous said...

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