Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poster

Look what Paul made! It's the official No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament of Strachur Poster!

I think it's very cool

Texas Hold 'Em Poker in Strachur

Luckily I took my cards and poker chips with me so we got to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker, which is currently my favourite game, whether playing it for real, playing it on the internet or watching High Stakes Poker and all those other Tournament poker shows. But as we all know playing it for real is best.

As you can see from the picture my strategy was to first beat all the children, then later everyone played - adults and children!

How weird I just looked at this picture and it was taken at 1.37pm that means we started playing poker about 2 hours after we arrived.

The photo depicts me on the left, Cherlyn in back and some red, green and white poker chips in the front ground. Nice photo Paul.

Look At The Size Of That Pot

Don't remember who won it

Stack 'Em High

I'm teaching the boy how to stack 'em high

Good Game

In this game I had a full house, kings over fives, went all in and so did 2 others, I won, knocking it down to 2 people. I think it was me and Joe left. So to finish off the game we thought we'd go all in before any cards were delt. Lucky for me I got pocket Aces straight away.

Final Results

Not a particularly nice photo of me but look at all the chips I won.

Final Results
10 Games Played

Paul 3
Joe 2
Laura 5

So I won but now I have no one to play with

It's Lonely At The Top

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Let me just tell you something - in Strachur there is nothing to do and I mean NOTHING, there is no technology which means no computer, no anything else and TV with only 4 channels. So one night we had nothing to do and we did a crossword. The following is a summary of what happened during that crossword....which was not much.

Ofcourse we did other things too but I'll tell you about those things in other posts other days.....including my favourite thing......Texas Hold 'em....Oh yeah

Crossword 1

Look how confused we are

Crossword 2

Here we are laughing because we are trying our best with the crossword but everytime we complete a bunch, weird words come up....like nub. I think in this picture we are laughing because of the word bloe

Crossword 3

Crosswording it up

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hello. I was on holiday! It was at Strachur, in a house owned by the person Nanny works for. It is right beside the beach and has a post office that sells chips and stamps.

We went on Monday morning, which wasn't very nice - I don't like getting up early, we went in Nanny's car which had me, Paul, Leonnie and Nanny in it. Other people who went in another car - Gillian (my aunt and Leonnie's mum), Joe (my uncle and Leonnie's dad), Gavin (cousin and Leonnie's brother), Cherlyn (cousin and same to Leonnie) and Bart otherwise known as Scampo (Leonnie's dog). I tell you all this now so that later when I blog other things about Strachur you know who I'm talking about.

Here is a photo of Strachur, the only one I can find, of the house at night, the night we left, you can't really see it all but that's basically it - a livingroom, conservatory, kitchen, hall, very steep stairs, 4 bedrooms and 2 toilets!

Writing Points

You see we had to control the children somehow, so we came up with the points system which worked quite well, they would get us juice and other things if we gave them points. It came about quite by accident, I told Gavin (my cousin, Leonnie's brother) that I would give him 5 points to stop singing....and he did.

This photo is me writing out the points list.

Also, this was Paul's room.


This is me just outside the house and hey look there's Paul's finger in shot! I think Leonnie was sleeping on the couch at this point.


This is us in the conservatory, it was very hot in there.

Beach Photo

This was just down from the house. Me in the background and Leonnie in front taking a photo with her phone, Paul took this photo as he did with most of the photos.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Get your head around this

Paul taking a picture of Leonnie taking a picture of me. Hmm....not as complicated as I first thought....