Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Texas Hold 'Em Poker in Strachur

Luckily I took my cards and poker chips with me so we got to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker, which is currently my favourite game, whether playing it for real, playing it on the internet or watching High Stakes Poker and all those other Tournament poker shows. But as we all know playing it for real is best.

As you can see from the picture my strategy was to first beat all the children, then later everyone played - adults and children!

How weird I just looked at this picture and it was taken at 1.37pm that means we started playing poker about 2 hours after we arrived.

The photo depicts me on the left, Cherlyn in back and some red, green and white poker chips in the front ground. Nice photo Paul.


Leonnie said...

Awsome photo, you wiped the floor with those kids, and moi :(

Anonymous said...

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