Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hello. I was on holiday! It was at Strachur, in a house owned by the person Nanny works for. It is right beside the beach and has a post office that sells chips and stamps.

We went on Monday morning, which wasn't very nice - I don't like getting up early, we went in Nanny's car which had me, Paul, Leonnie and Nanny in it. Other people who went in another car - Gillian (my aunt and Leonnie's mum), Joe (my uncle and Leonnie's dad), Gavin (cousin and Leonnie's brother), Cherlyn (cousin and same to Leonnie) and Bart otherwise known as Scampo (Leonnie's dog). I tell you all this now so that later when I blog other things about Strachur you know who I'm talking about.

Here is a photo of Strachur, the only one I can find, of the house at night, the night we left, you can't really see it all but that's basically it - a livingroom, conservatory, kitchen, hall, very steep stairs, 4 bedrooms and 2 toilets!

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