Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Board Games From My Childhood

Well hello there readers! Today begins a new series called "5 Things", where I list 5 things from my childhood. Today's category is board games, so let's get to it!

Now I'm not gonna mention the obvious games, Monopoly, Cluedo, Kerplunk! You know the ones. I do like Kerplunk though, I even like just saying it. KERPLUNK! Okay, to the games!

1. Don't Wake Dad!

This was so much fun! Though I'm not sure it would even be made nowadays, seeing as the whole idea was to sneak past dad to get midnight snacks from the fridge. Mmm, let's get fat kids!

2. Go For Broke!

You start with 1 million in cash! Now spend it all! This made a welcome change from the money grabbing world of Monopoly, a lot less stressful too. I loved playing the roulette wheel.

3. Upwords

It's Scrabble....but upwards! Again, I liked this because when you're wee Scrabble is kinda hard, this made it much easier AND faster to play.

4. And They're Off!

Yes I did have a lot of gambling related games. This one was fantastic but the hardest part was having to be the commentator. I'll leave that job to someone else while I dwindle my cash, thanks.

5. Star Trek: A Klingon Challenge

MEV! YOU! The one who is moving now...answer me human! So many times I have mentioned this AMAZING game. I cannot say enough about it. Just play it. Go ahead, take the challenge of the Klingon Sword to determine your destiny...

Well hopefully you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and that lovely warming nostalgia chemical is being released in your brain. Ahhhh, that's the stuff.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Small Burgers

I knew this French guy one time. He was a burger guy, served you burgers. But they were so small, you needed to eat 2 of them. Problem was he was stubborn. He'd only let you have one burger. His name was Tahpel. I was regularly heard to be shouting "Come on Tahpel! 2!"

5 points if you understand this story. Good for you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Nanny's Goin To Largs" - A Poem

A boring sort of day
Will soon be led astray
When a call from outside
Shouts out with so much pride

"Nanny's goin' to Largs!
Nanny's goin' to Largs!"

Gather up your spare coins
At the car we'll rejoins
Even though it's pure spittin'
She'll pause on her knittin'

"Nanny's goin' to Largs!
Nanny's goin' to Largs!"

To the arcade machines!
We'll win by any means
Last for a ninety-nine
Then home to the Scotch Pine
...where we'll gather caterpillars.

By Laura D

Monday, March 24, 2014

Laura D's Opinions on Various Disney Movies 5 - Cinderella

A recurring series that hasn't recurred since 2007 has been revived!

"Laura D's Opinions of Various Disney Movies"

Today? Cinderella!

"Make the dishes, wash the thingys, sumtin sumtin, Cinderelly!"

Now I haven't seen this movie in some time, and before I watched it all I could recall was the Drop Dead Fred quote "No I don't remember what happened with Cinderella. I remember the Ugly Sisters, they were GREAT!"

I really love the look of this movie, everything including Cinders voice is very 1940's (even though it was made in 1950). So it gains points there for me.

But why oh why did they have to make the cat the evil one?? That's too obvious! And it angers me! I'm gonna have to watch Aristocats later to make up for it...

The mice on the other hand, are great. Hilarious even. Watching the scene where they make her the dress makes me think, "hey, maybe that's why Chino is always stealing ribbons....he's making me a dress!" ...I hope anyway....

I also feel like the Ugly Sisters may be related to Olive Oil from Popeye. They're drawn the exact same!

40 minutes into the movie and I'm like
 "WTF? I thought this was the bibbedy bobbedy boo movie, but there's been no bibbedy bobbedy booing! I'm being ripped off!"

42 minutes into the movie, 
"Hmm, still no bibbedy bobbedy boo but there's a fairy Godmother.....wait...MY godmother never made me a dress or gave me a pumpkin! No fair! ...well it's an alright exchange, she made me cardigans and gave me carrot soup."

43 minutes into the movie.
"Hold up. This IS bibbedy bobbedy boo! What the hell am I thinkin of then?! The 3 fairies that were arguing over making the dress pink or blue...what was that? I thought THAT was bibbedy bobbedy boo! Am comfused."


Best Scene? This one!

Conclusion? It IS the bibbedy bobbedy boo movie.

I liked Cinderella and it's pretty short, only 74 minutes long, which is a plus in my books.

Rating? 7/10


Friday, March 14, 2014

An Accurate Representation Of The Hello Kitty Easter Scam!!!

There couldn't be a more accurate version even if I filmed it myself!!


Much credit and appreciation to the wonderful and lovely @XHymenxBreakerX

Go follow her right now! THAT'S AN ORDER!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Photos of the Week!

Chino the Ham!!

A lovely dandelion, or as I like to call them
"Pee the beds"

A fat faced cat looking dubiously at me,
as I distract it from drinking from a pond.

Zoom in for this one.
A man falls on his buttocks and causes a rapid explosion.

A line of lovely lavender flowers.

Sad cat would like to leave PetSmart now please.

A "boo boo" on my knee, protected by a Turtles plaster.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello Kitty Easter Ripoff!!

So at Target I bought this Hello Kitty chocolate egg that has a toy inside (blatant ripoff of a Kinder Surprise but it's Hello Kitty so I forgive her....and no, that's not even the most rippiest off part!).

It only cost a dollar. I open it, snack at the chocolate, it's pretty horrible, so I figure "okay, my dollar must have went to the super cool toy inside!"

I go inside and what do I get?! A mini Hello Kitty jigsaw, yay!!

I start to assemble this cutest of puzzles WHEN SUDDENLY I FINISH AND THIS IS WHAT I'M LEFT WITH.....


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

EXPERIMENT: Left Handed For A Week

Yeah, I'm a righty. terms of hands...not politics. If I was a bird you could call me a right winger though.

Nuff of the puns, onto the experimentation!

As the title says, I decided to go left handed for a week, and see how I improved (if at all) from day 1 to day 5!

Parameters? Is that the proper word? Perhaps! They are as follows:

  • Name (Laura D)
  • Capitalized sentence (IS COOL, AT LEAST SOMETIMES!)
  • Shapes (drawn and coloured)
  • A full sentence from the fabulous book "Man In The Rubber Mask" by Robert Llewellyn.
So let's start off with a right hander, just to show how I normally write...

And my first day of left handedness...

At this point I realize if you want to make it look like a child
wrote a note, do it with your left hand.
Or as Bud pointed out, it looks like I'm sitting
in a vibrating chair.
Didn't there used to be vibrating pens in the 90's?
I think there was, what the hell were they called?
Wiggle Pens???
Something like that anyway.

Day 2 of left handedness...

Somehow I went DOWNHILL from day 1!!
How the hell did that happen???

Day 3...

Day 4...

And finally, day 5...

I think I did improve! At least a bit. Still looks like a child wrote it, but maybe the child is a few months older than she was on day 1. Maybe if I practice I can be the new Ned Flanders and open up my very own Leftorium!

Conclusion from this experiment?
Hmm...I don't think we learned a lot. But what we did learn, we shall cherish forever. Such as THE SMALL ROUGE ONE ROCKS!

Thank you for your attention.

Laura D's Editorial on Piggys

One went to market, which I wouldn't recommend
One went home, so that was cool for him
One had roast beef, which means he ate a cow
One pig had none, so he was probably hungry
And the last one was upset by all the chaos, so that's why he went "wewewewewe"

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hello Kitty Day at the Laura D Household

Wearing Hello Kitty pajamas, a Hello Kitty robe,
Hello Kitty stickers on my nails,
and about to put on a Hello Kitty tattoo.
I'd be a good brand ambassador.
Get me Sanrio on the phone!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Theft!!! Maybe?!

So I got out of the shower and my husband was listening to this song, and in my head I'm like that's so familiar, do I know this song???

Then I realized NO! It's a ripoff!! Or...a homage?? Or...remake??? It's the same melody anyway whatever it is!!!!

Here's the song he was listening to... 0.16 and beyond...

And here's the one I know...

I prefer the second version...or as it shall now be known THE ORIGINAL :O

Better MV too, I'd say.