Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Board Games From My Childhood

Well hello there readers! Today begins a new series called "5 Things", where I list 5 things from my childhood. Today's category is board games, so let's get to it!

Now I'm not gonna mention the obvious games, Monopoly, Cluedo, Kerplunk! You know the ones. I do like Kerplunk though, I even like just saying it. KERPLUNK! Okay, to the games!

1. Don't Wake Dad!

This was so much fun! Though I'm not sure it would even be made nowadays, seeing as the whole idea was to sneak past dad to get midnight snacks from the fridge. Mmm, let's get fat kids!

2. Go For Broke!

You start with 1 million in cash! Now spend it all! This made a welcome change from the money grabbing world of Monopoly, a lot less stressful too. I loved playing the roulette wheel.

3. Upwords

It's Scrabble....but upwards! Again, I liked this because when you're wee Scrabble is kinda hard, this made it much easier AND faster to play.

4. And They're Off!

Yes I did have a lot of gambling related games. This one was fantastic but the hardest part was having to be the commentator. I'll leave that job to someone else while I dwindle my cash, thanks.

5. Star Trek: A Klingon Challenge

MEV! YOU! The one who is moving now...answer me human! So many times I have mentioned this AMAZING game. I cannot say enough about it. Just play it. Go ahead, take the challenge of the Klingon Sword to determine your destiny...

Well hopefully you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and that lovely warming nostalgia chemical is being released in your brain. Ahhhh, that's the stuff.

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