Tuesday, March 11, 2014

EXPERIMENT: Left Handed For A Week

Yeah, I'm a righty. ...in terms of hands...not politics. If I was a bird you could call me a right winger though.

Nuff of the puns, onto the experimentation!

As the title says, I decided to go left handed for a week, and see how I improved (if at all) from day 1 to day 5!

Parameters? Is that the proper word? Perhaps! They are as follows:

  • Name (Laura D)
  • Capitalized sentence (IS COOL, AT LEAST SOMETIMES!)
  • Shapes (drawn and coloured)
  • A full sentence from the fabulous book "Man In The Rubber Mask" by Robert Llewellyn.
So let's start off with a right hander, just to show how I normally write...

And my first day of left handedness...

At this point I realize if you want to make it look like a child
wrote a note, do it with your left hand.
Or as Bud pointed out, it looks like I'm sitting
in a vibrating chair.
Didn't there used to be vibrating pens in the 90's?
I think there was, what the hell were they called?
Wiggle Pens???
Something like that anyway.

Day 2 of left handedness...

Somehow I went DOWNHILL from day 1!!
How the hell did that happen???

Day 3...

Day 4...

And finally, day 5...

I think I did improve! At least a bit. Still looks like a child wrote it, but maybe the child is a few months older than she was on day 1. Maybe if I practice I can be the new Ned Flanders and open up my very own Leftorium!

Conclusion from this experiment?
Hmm...I don't think we learned a lot. But what we did learn, we shall cherish forever. Such as THE SMALL ROUGE ONE ROCKS!

Thank you for your attention.

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