Monday, March 24, 2014

Laura D's Opinions on Various Disney Movies 5 - Cinderella

A recurring series that hasn't recurred since 2007 has been revived!

"Laura D's Opinions of Various Disney Movies"

Today? Cinderella!

"Make the dishes, wash the thingys, sumtin sumtin, Cinderelly!"

Now I haven't seen this movie in some time, and before I watched it all I could recall was the Drop Dead Fred quote "No I don't remember what happened with Cinderella. I remember the Ugly Sisters, they were GREAT!"

I really love the look of this movie, everything including Cinders voice is very 1940's (even though it was made in 1950). So it gains points there for me.

But why oh why did they have to make the cat the evil one?? That's too obvious! And it angers me! I'm gonna have to watch Aristocats later to make up for it...

The mice on the other hand, are great. Hilarious even. Watching the scene where they make her the dress makes me think, "hey, maybe that's why Chino is always stealing ribbons....he's making me a dress!" ...I hope anyway....

I also feel like the Ugly Sisters may be related to Olive Oil from Popeye. They're drawn the exact same!

40 minutes into the movie and I'm like
 "WTF? I thought this was the bibbedy bobbedy boo movie, but there's been no bibbedy bobbedy booing! I'm being ripped off!"

42 minutes into the movie, 
"Hmm, still no bibbedy bobbedy boo but there's a fairy Godmother.....wait...MY godmother never made me a dress or gave me a pumpkin! No fair! ...well it's an alright exchange, she made me cardigans and gave me carrot soup."

43 minutes into the movie.
"Hold up. This IS bibbedy bobbedy boo! What the hell am I thinkin of then?! The 3 fairies that were arguing over making the dress pink or blue...what was that? I thought THAT was bibbedy bobbedy boo! Am comfused."


Best Scene? This one!

Conclusion? It IS the bibbedy bobbedy boo movie.

I liked Cinderella and it's pretty short, only 74 minutes long, which is a plus in my books.

Rating? 7/10


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