Monday, August 25, 2014

Update! Edgar Allan Poe, Earthquakes and More!

I will do this post in my favourite form...BULLET POINTS! Pkaow, pkaow! (bullet shots)
Onto the update!

  • There is someone that hasn't been formally introduced to the blogosphere yet. So now, grab your cameras, as I introduce my newest friend...the one, the only...
Edgar Allan Poe!
 Yes, he's a hamster.
  • Yesterday, I experienced my very first earthquake!! Here's how it went down. Middle of the night I feel the bed shaking, and in my Neverland state (that place between sleep and awake) I figure maybe Edgar is running so fast on his wheel that he's shaking the whole entire bed. I go back to sleep and find out the next morning there was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake! My first ever, yay! Not as good as a ride on the teacups though.
  • I think donkeys are underrated.
No finer way to finish off a blogpost than with a poem! So here we go, don't hold your breath but you might want to anyway:

17 kangaroos
Had 17 didgeridoos
Each played a tune
Around about noon
While the rest danced around and boxed

By Laura D

Yeah, that's right I used a hashtag in a poem, deal with it.

Thanks for reading chaps and chapettes!

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