Friday, December 08, 2006


Hey All!

Leonnie came over today so we filmed a whole bunch of stuff before chips arrived then we watched a bunch of stuff we filmed last year. We were watching one particular part that Paul had slowed down, we were playing a game I made up called "Beanie", (by the way so you're not confused - People in the house - Me, Paul and Leonnie. So we were watching this one part and Leonnie could not stop laughing! She was literally having a fit! She couldn't move her neck she kept saying....meanwhile I'm laughing my head off because I have no idea why she is laughing so much and Paul is sitting watching us, very confused. She eventually stopped laughing after about 5-10 minutes. Then a few minutes later she started again! Apparently she thought of the slow motion again. Anyway it was hilarious!

Also, while watching the beanie game we realized that Leonnie was Beanie Champion 2005. So we all decided to play Beanie to see who was the 2006 champion. We played for about 15 minutes (the game is basically throw this little weird white ball and the other person hits it, either with a roll of wrapping paper or with their hands, this one was the wrapping paper.) Results of Beanie Game - Laura and Leonnie are tied Beanie Champions 2006! Paul didn't play.

Here we are after winning. We look a little weird, the light is right above us.