Thursday, October 13, 2005


Here's what happened yesterday...

Got up at 8am again and watched 2 episodes of Just Shoot Me that were on tv.

Watched Prime Ministers question time at 12pm and I was laughing my head off! Michael Howard is hilarious don't let him resign!

Then I went in the town, I had to get a postal order for £4.99 to pay for a dress I got from ebay. I hope it's worth it or else I just wasted £4.99 never mind having to have a horrible trip into town, it was raining! My hair got messed up!

Anyway I got a taxi into town because I couldn't be bothered waiting half an hour for a bus in the rain.

So I get into town and start walking to Greggs to get tuna softies, when some old guy who was quite a bit in front of me, walking towards me shouts out,
"Somebody's happy!"

At this point I am confused. I don't know who this is. So I turn around to look behind me incase he is shouting for someone else. There is no one there. I continue walking then he says
"Did you win the lottery?"

I am confused beyond belief here. So I reply

Then he walks away. Can someone please explain this to me?

Anyway then I get to Greggs. Haha oops just did a Leonnie. "got to get to greggs". I get tune softies then go to a newsagents near by get juice and crisps. Then to Post Office which is very annoying because I am waiting in there to be served for at least 15 minutes when there are only me and 2 other people there. It takes forever! Then I go to the library to get a library card. I go in. And by the way I have never been in this Library before. I look around and it is the smallest library I have seen in my life. It's basically just a couple of shelves so I decide I don't want a library card but by this time the woman I guess "librarian" had seen me so I ask for a library card she gives me a form to fill out which takes about 10 minutes to fill out I give it back to her and she says
"Have you got any I.D?"

I was not aware you needed ID to get a library card. Why would you? Anyway I didn't so I left.

I took pictures on my walk to the bus stop so here they are.....

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Leonnie said...

Damn libraries (doesn't know if that is spelled right)

And I would like to meet this old man!