Thursday, October 13, 2005

Coming Home on Bus

This is me on the bus on my way home from in the town. I hate being on the bus.

Anyway, on to describing the photo.
As you can see the inside light on the bus is on, I like this, infact it's the only thing I like about the bus. It reminds me of Halloween and Christmas time. That's a good feeling.

If you look out the window, the house on the left is Leonnie's house. I actually took this picture 'cos I saw someone go inside but I was too slow getting the phone out and they had already gone in. You can also see Leonnie's bins. All 3 of them. Old browny and old bluey outside her house and old blacky hiding in the sort of porch bit. I have these bins too only old blacky of mine has to stay outside the porch. The house on the right of Leonnie's is Nanny's. Nanny lives there. Chib Chib Chib Chib Chib Chib NANNY!!!!! You can also see a sign, I think it means something along the lines of watchout for the school?

On the inside of the bus, there are yellow poles with buzzers to stop the bus on them. I do not like to touch these yellow poles. There are also two old people, old people are the only people that go on busses in the daytime.


Bud said...

The bus is not usually good.

Leonnie said...

The bus smells weird. I too hate going alone on a bus. If you sit down on an empty seat, and then more and more people come on the bus, you have to sit next to some one you don't know. Though my Chemistry teacher says that if some one chooses to sit next to you it's because you look the least threatening, the least like a druggie or murderer. Or possibly because they are the murderer and want to kill you.

Anonymous said...

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