Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween, Friday, Most Haunted and a Good Picture of Me.

First of all Happy Halloween for today! Yay! Halloween is great! 3rd Best Day of The Year!!
The best is obviously Xmas, second is Birthday, third Halloween and incase your interested 4th is Xmas Eve.

Now, to Friday, I would say that Friday was one of the best days ever! Because when Gillian came with chips, we usually get 2 pickles in one bag of chips, then Leonnie and I will have a pickle each but here's how it went down. Leonnie opens her bag, 2 pickles, Paul opens his, 2 pickles, I open mine, 2 pickles. THATS 6 PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I LOVE IT.

Then we filmed segments. Ofcourse, this means since it's Halloween time, "MOST SCARY"!

We love doing Most Scary, it's great.

Most Haunted Live. The last 3 nights have been great, sorry to use that word again but it is needed. Can't wait til it comes on tonight. I will speak about Most Haunted in 3 points.
1: Julian "Egg" Clegg
2: Richard Felix
3: Stuart Torevell

  • Clegg. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. With his stupid heed and his stupid ears! He takes up too much time! With his stupid text msgs and stupid photos of viewers watching the show! He is so annoying! FIRE HIM NOW!!!!! I hear he has a show before it and after it anyway. That's 2 hours! Why give him time in the real show?! Everytime something good is happening at the actual location it cuts back to Clegg. And he takes up too much time!!!! I have to be John from Blackpool here, "GET 'IM OUT!!!"

  • Richard Felix is underrated! He is hilarious! I was watching the webcams last night because it kept cutting back to idiot Clegg so I would mute when Clegg came on and come up to the computer and watch webcams then once Clegg is gone I unmute and watch the show again. So anyway I was watching the webcams and Richard Felix kept walking in front of it and I can't explain it but he was just generally being hilarious! I remember once he did a lone vigil (don't know if that is how you spell it) and he was outside somewhere and he was talking about how scared he was then he fell over! Best of all he tried to trick us by saying "Oh no! It's got me!" HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. The much underrated Felix.

  • Stuart Torevell. He is hilarious! We have all been talking about it here and we don't think he realizes how hilarious he is. I mean really, really hilarious. Paul and I were watching on Tuesday and it was a repeat, Stuart was on a lone vigil (don't know if that is how you spell it) and he had the camera and was pointing it at a door saying "What is this door? Where could it lead? Oh, it's the Gents." And on the live Halloween one that is happening, I think it was 2 nights ago. Jon Dibley said something about smelling a horrible smell like someone hasn't washed then said that he is standing next to Stuart, Stuart says "Might be me, I don't like to wash". Oh and last night he was feeling sick. I am sitting here trying to remember what else happened but I can't remember. Oh! Not from last night but I have to mention it. Ancient Ram Inn. Enough Said. Except ofcourse to say that it was very scary until I noticed his shoe fell off and we couldn't stop laughing.

Now. Pictures from Friday when Leonnie came over. I'll start off with this one of me. I like this picture.


Leonnie said...

Halloween always a great night! Most Haunted rocks! Big up to Karl Yvete Derek Stuart and Richard Felix! And the new member of the team, Max the dog.

Anonymous said...

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