Monday, October 24, 2005


Here's what happened on Friday...

Leonnie came over and we didn't have anything to film so we played the playstation cos that's what we used to do all the time and Fredrick used to come in. Fortunately Fredrick wasn't there on Friday.

First we played Track and Field, that's the game we used to play the most. And everytime we play it it's obvious how it will go. Here's how it ends....

1st Place - Paul
2nd Place - Fredrick
3rd Place - Laura
4th Place - Leonnie

And that's how it goes each and every time. This time though as I said Fredrick wasn't there. So I had a chance to move up to 2nd place!

First to choose our names and countries. Paul chooses the name Bud and country Cuba. We later start calling him Booood. I choose the name Abe and country Russia. Leonnie chooses Fuz and country Canada. Later Paul calls her Fuuze (pronounce it something like "few zz" and say it in a high voice and you'll be saying something like what Leonnie was getting called).

We played 100m first. Bad move for me and Leonnie. Ofcourse Paul came first. I came 3rd. Leonnie 4th.

Then we played some other ones, Shot Put, Hammer, Triple Jump etc.

Then onto Swimming. Disaster and ofcourse Paul comes first again. Twenty seconds after Paul has finished Leonnie and I are still trying to get to the end. We let the guy finish himself.

Also we notice the guys are weird in it because Paul's guy was black and then he was white. It was all very weird.

We finish this game and here are the results...

1st Place - Paul
2nd Place - Computer
3rd Place - Laura
4th Place - Leonnie

Now when you finish this game the guys are on little podiums (don't know if that is how you spell it) BUT there are only 3 podiums, 1st 2nd and 3rd. So Paul's is on the top mines is on the lowest. And Leonnie's guy is lying down behind the podiums, punching the ground. Poor Leonnie.

Then we played Tennis. Me and Leonnie against Paul. Paul wins.

Then to the best bit of the day. Micro Machines! This was the high point of the day. Lots of Laughter. The thing about Micro Machines is the controls are a little weird, you press left you go left UNLESS you are going down screen then it's left means right. Paul and I can do this. But Leonnie had a little trouble with left and right and speed.

We play the first game and Leonnie goes FLYING off the screen at high speed! This is just the first second of the game. Paul and I continue until one of us gets a bonus then Leonnie's little car appears again. The beep goes, to indicate continue racing. Leonnie goes flying off the screen at high speed.

So we decide, alright, lets go slow so Leonnie can get used to the controls. We are going extremely slow and Leonnie starts going round in circles. We are all laughing our heads off! It's so hilarious. We play three more courses on Micro Machines. They all go the same way. Leonnie flies off the screen at high speed, Leonnie flies off the table honking the cars horn, Leonnie spins in circles.

We re-think this. Then we send Leonnie to Driving School. Now the driving school on this is very patronizing. The woman who tells you what to do is called Cherry but we thought she said Terry so we were calling her Terry. The first course is easiest it is just drive up screen. The hardest of these levels was driving around the cones, Leonnie had to have done this 30 times at least! Banging into cones driving too slowly or too fast not following the arrows, this Terry was never satisfied. I remember Leonnie did it perfectly and Terry said "You're not trying, I can tell"!!! Aaaaaagh! Leonnie kept shouting at Terry it was hilarious.

I think that's it, if I can think of anything else that happened I'll come back and blog it.

Here is a picture to indicate the playing of the playstation.

I apologise for bad picture quality, it is due to bad lighting in my house.

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