Friday, October 07, 2005

7th October, Friday.

Hey. Wut it be?

I got up at 8am today! That is pretty early for me. Just aswell I had an ice cold can of coke at hand. I would've fallen asleep on the couch without that early morning caffeine kick.

Leonnie came over about 4ish. We did some segments for the show...then, and by the way I do not remember how this started out, Paul put on that Robin Hood and Little John song on and Leonnie and I acted it out. Also did "Scared to Ask" etc. Maybe tomorrow I'll post up some screen captures from them once Paul gets them on the computer.

Tea Time - Chips. Tasty, Tasty Chips with gravy and a pickle, but no pickle for Paul! He doesn't know the proper way to eat a pickle!!! He bites right into it when everyone knows you must peel off each pickle layer, eat it, suck out its juice, peel off another layer and so on.

Right now onto pictures. A sort of picture essay of the day if you will.

Fuzzy yet none the less cool picture.


Anonymous said...

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Ale.X said...

Wow, I have yet to find a blog where I haven't been beaten to a comment by an advertising machine of some sort. Anyway, looks like you're off to a good start... and your a girl from... ooh, my English speaking sister country. How exotic! haha. Anyway, feel free to check out my blog... or don't. whichever. (

Leonnie said...

Silly Paul! Can't eat a pickle! The pictures are great :D He he.

P.S Cholesterol is bad for you!

Anonymous said...

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