Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday, Memory Day.

From this day on, Sundays will be memory day on my blog. I will give you one of my memories.

Today, it will be the memory I shall call "The Magic Roundabout".

I remember one day, not sure what age I was, probably aroun 14 years old. But I cannot be sure of that. I was off school sick so I was sent over to my aunt Gillian's house (mother of Leonnie). Much to my surprise Leonnie was sick and off school too. So anyway, we were sat on the couch and we had a big towel over us to keep us warm and Gillian made us toast and gave us coke then went back in the kitchen.

Leonnie started turning over the channels, went through movie channels, children channels not really stopping on anything. Then she stopped on a channel and it was a programme called "The Magic Roundabout", we had never seen this programme before. Now you must keep in mind that we were very sick sitting on that couch. We started to watch "The Magic Roundabout" and we were totally confused by it. But then a little box came into it and went around the characters and I think it sang and me and Leonnie could not stop LAUGHING. Hugely LAUGHING. We really could not stop LAUGHING at that little box.

The weird thing is...when we told Paul about this, he said there is no box in the magic roundabout!!!

So this brings up the question Did we see that box? Is there a box in "The Magic Roundabout"? Or because we were sick did we just hallucinate it? And if so how could we hallucinate the same thing and find it so hilarious? Also did Gillian think we were a couple of idiots?

If you have any answers to these questions please leave a comment. You don't even have to be registered to leave a comment! Or if you just want to comment on my true story then please do.

Thank You for your time, Laura D.


Leonnie said...

I remember it well... *laughs* That was some funny box.

Anonymous said...

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