Monday, September 04, 2006

Friday Free Roll

On Friday I played a Free Roll online, Texas Hold'em that is. Started out with 1,500 chips and my plan was just to stay out the way for a while and wait for the other players to make the bad moves and get themselves put out, which works.....for a while. 1000 players started and now we were at a break - around 400 players left now and I was down to 305 chips after a bad beat I think with trip Queens. I knew that once the break was over I had to go all in pretty soon to double up to something decent.

Break is over, I get dealt Q9 suited so I put it all in. Not sure how many people called but anyway the flop comes something like 4 9 10, turn is another 10, the river is something like a King and I win with 10's and 9's. So I double up to something very nice. Few hands later I get the nut flush and the guy keeps raising so I go all in again and ofcourse win and get to around 2000 chips. The very next hand I get AA. Flop is A J 5, turn is another J, so now I have a full house and again these maniac internet players keep raising so I keep raising back, needless to say I win and get to 6000 chips!

Places get paid up to the top 100 players. I get placed 49th! Which means I win a lot more than the people at 100 - 50 but less then the places above that, I hope I haven't confused you. Anyway I win £3! Not much since it's a free roll, but a well earned £3.

Below is me after the 3 hours of play. Did I mention the tournament started at midnight? I'm pretty tired right there but pretty happy too.


Leonnie said...

Well done! Though you should get to bed earlier!

Note: When Leonnie first started reading she thought Laura had won a FREE Roll

Laura D said...

Do you mean you thought I won a free roll like from the bakers?

Anonymous said...

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