Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oops! Another photo, it seems I found another

Alright, found one. This was from 2 weeks ago I think but at least it's still of me and Leonnie so maybe you can just imagine this is what we looked like yesterday. Again Leonnie on the left, me on the right.....hmm it seems Leonnie's always on the left and I'm always on the right.....oh well, why mess with what works? In between us is a pic'n'mix! Oh yeah! I remember when you had to weigh the pic'n'mix before you bought it and now Leonnie tells me all you have to do is fill it to the top. How times have changed.

Also, should probably have wrote this in the last post but nevermind - I noticed yesterday a lot of similarities between poker and Cluedo for instance, the deception, a lot of the time in Cluedo as with poker you have to deceive people and purposely (in cluedo) not show certain people certain cards (I like to call it hoarding!). Sometimes deceiving people by what you say helps too, for instance yesterday everyone kept asking and where the hell Mrs White was and so I joined in and started accusing Paul of hoarding her, ofcourse I was the one with Mrs White, but nobody else knew that. Maybe my theory is correct or maybe I'm just trying to make Cluedo a little more cool.


Leonnie said...

How can you make cluedo more cool? It's so cool it's ICE COLD xD

Laura D said...

hey andre 3000!

Anonymous said...

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