Friday, October 06, 2006

A very poetic story

Walking around my house I noticed a strange feeling in the air
How was I to know it was Leonnie standing over there?
I walked to Leonnie and I walked to Bud
Luckily they were standing together or I would've split in half
I rested an arm on the wall and asked if they wanted to play Cluedo
Bud said, "Hey, now, Laura that's real low"
He reminded me that we had to do a show

30 seconds later those tasty, tasty chips arrived
From a car that to my door drived
Bud opened the chips and what did I see but multiple pickles
Needless to say Leonnie and I laughed like we was being tickled
Bud refused his intake of pickles so what could we do but what we did?
Leonnie and I ate all the pickles even though Paul, I mean Bud, did forbid


Bud said...

How apt.

Leonnie said...

woop woop! Very cool!