Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hey Kids!

Yesterday I went into another cash game (I apologize, this seems to be turning into a poker blog!) went in with $6 again and came out with something like $10.45. Later Paul went to bed about midnight and so I had nothing to do and went into another cash game, $6 again. First off I was kinda tired which we all know is not a good way to play poker, got down to $4 then got a burst of caffeine from the can of coke I opened! Went up to $5.50 then eventually left the table with $7.15. So no money lost yesterday, that about 7 or 8 games in a row I've came out on top!

What else? Hmm......I'm waiting on 4 packages I ordered to get here, hold on, that sounds dodgy...let me elaborate on that, I'm waiting on 2 dvds and 2 dresses to be delivered. I hope at least one gets here tomorrow 'cos I been waitin' ages for a few of them!

Does everybody know what time it is?! Photo time! That's right, Laura tools is proud to present........nevermind, I've been watching a lot of Home Improvement. And by the way, all though it's not good to play poker when tired it is very good to watch Home Improvement when tired! Everything becomes much more hilarious!'s a photo.....of me!

I think I'm whistling, that's why my face is in that weird position.

Oi! I just spell checked my blog! And guess what! Spellchecker does not know the word blog!!!!!


Bud said...

"blog" wow

Leonnie said...

oOoOoOoH! Nice picie! And Gambling is bad!

imjusthere4thebeer said...

that must be why i don't ever use "speel-check"... thanks for giving me "the excuse!"


Anonymous said...

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