Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just came on to say one thing

Just quickly, I want to tell you what happened. Okay. I just joined a cash game about 3 minutes ago, go in with $6 once again. First hand I get is AA and my plan was to just check but this guy raises it to 40c (the blinds are 5c/10c) and so I re-raise him to $1.20, the guy goes all in, so obviously I go all in too. He turns over QQ and I turn over my AA, flop is J23, turn 5, river 8. So I double up and take all that guys money! Yay! Then I got out the game right there, did a hit and run, I would've stayed if it wasn't online, but Phil Hellmuth says it's okay to do a hit and run on the internet, so YAY!


Bud said...

"Poker Brat" Phil Hellmuth

Leonnie said...

Me knows nothing of this game so I shall nod and agree!