Thursday, July 04, 2013

Twitter Interview #5 @somethingpc

 My fifth Twitter interview is with the much sought after @somethingpc!
No matter how you're feeling (especially if you're down) she's always there to inject some perspective and reality, which helps every single time, I must say.
PLUS she's hilarious, PLUS she could beat you up, EQUALS a damn good interview.

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will? 

I want to say I’m doing it against my will, but I practically begged to participate. 

State your name and purpose: 

Natalie Newman (aka Peisinoe—pronounced Pee-see-no-ee or Pay-say-no, depending on whichever you want). My purpose is to 

What is the funniest noise? 

There’s this noise I make in the back of my throat that sounds like a pig, and it gets all the giggles. Or exaggerated sex sounds, like this: 

The birds and the bees! Which do you prefer? Birds or bees? 

Birds don’t try to fly at my head or sting me, but geese are birds, and they are mean, mean, mean! 

You just won a years supply! But of what? 

Lootcrate! Because it’s a year of toys and stuff from video games and TV shows and movies and comics. 

Your children have just acquired time travel technology. What is the first thing they will do with it? 

I actually consulted my older daughter on this one. She says, “Go back in time and see me being born.” She’d never use it again after that. 

There are strange noises coming from your bathroom at 4am in the morning. You suspect there is a ghost in there. What is he doing in there? And can you get him to quiet down? 

It’s a ghost hand coming out of the toilet asking for some toilet paper, but all I have is this deed to land in the town square. He accepts it and gives me his heart. 

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game) 

See previous answer. Or I can just tell you. It would be The Legend of Zelda universe. 

You are camping. An annoying fly comes into your tent, but you suspect it is really Jeff Goldblum. What do you do? 

I’d ask him to stop looking at me with those creepy eyes of his. 

Chip and Dale, Tom and Jerry, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Pinky and the Brain. Which is the better cartoon duo? 

Boris and Natasha because I absolutely love them and their accents. Also, they will win one day. 

You have been hired to create a perfume/cologne based on a video game character. Which character would you choose and what would it smell like? 

It would be based on Alis Landale, just so I could name it Fantasy Star. It would smell of jelly palm because she’s from Palma and that seems appropriate. 

Complete the sentence:

Eyelashes are... the feather dusters of the face. 

My last dream... I told off both my husband and another guy for treating me like an object. 

Don't try to... eat soup with a fork. 

Nothing can replace... the silly things my 3-year-old daughter says so earnestly.   

My closet doesn't have... an outfit to go with my new boots! 

Would you rather...

A) Milk that's 2 weeks past it's expiry date
B) Rain water that is possibly contaminated with dog saliva
C) Champagne made from (perfectly safe) recycled urine 

B. Studies have shown that dog saliva is cleaner than human saliva. 

Ride on
A) A giant tortoise
B) A Shetland pony
C) into the sunset 

B. I’ve always wanted to ride a Shetland pony. 

Have to
A) Owe money to someone rich
B) Lend money to someone rich
C) Steal money from someone rich 

C. I’m sure they won’t miss it. 

Have a fortune teller tell you
A) You will become famous but no one will like you
B) Your hair will become like Playdoh, easy to style...but made of Playdoh
C) She is quitting and by entering the tent you are legally bound to be the new fortune teller 

C. W doesn’t want to be a fortune teller? I could scare people into thinking they need me for every decision in their lives. It would be lucrative. 

A) The Cowardly Lion
B) The Scarecrow
C) The Tin Man
D) A Munchkin 

We actually have discussed this in my house many times. I am the Scarecrow. I’d rather be the heartless Tin Man because things don’t hurt you when you have no heart. 

Draw a picture of yourself looking tough like you might have to punch someone. Be as detailed as you wish.

 Now what did we learn here? Everything. That's what we learned. EVERYTHING.

Check out her super cool site here:

 And podcasts here:

(Which, btw, I did the original concept art for, WITH CRAYONS NO LESS!
....I say "concept art" to make me sound cooler than I am.)

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