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Twitter Interview #6 @chrismada9

My 6th Twitter Interview is with @chrismada9!!
He's a fellow youtuber and all round amazing guy. He even won the coveted "Twitter Beard of the Century" award! And if that doesn't make you want to know him, then I don't know what will! Interview time, boys and girls!

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?

Are you kidding me? If there’s an opportunity to be part of an interview, I will take it with open arms! I feel like a celebrity doing this! Hehe 

State your name and purpose: 
My name is Chris J Adams .. I have a degree in Computer Studies.. I’m also that English guy who teaches Swedish and plays games!

What is the best card in a deck of playing cards?

The Ace Card… because that card is ace! See what I did there?

A helpful scientist loans you his time machine. You can go back in time to your childhood and give yourself a gift. What gift do you give the younger you?

I’d give him a pair of football boots (that’s soccer if you’re American).. what’s heart breaking is that when I was younger, I was never a football person. I was too busy watching trains and racing cars, which today, I no longer have any interest in. Right now, football runs in my blood.. it’s my passion!

You just won a years supply! But of what?

Season tickets to go and watch my beloved Chelsea Football Club every season!

Check out your new weapon, weapon of choice. But what IS your weapon of choice?

Ak47 assault rifle! That gun is a BEAST!

Someone on the street just gave you the thumbs up. Why?

He obviously knows me on YouTube, and he loves my videos!

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game)

It would have to be Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I made a playthrough of that game on my channel, and much as it annoyed the heck out of me with all the traps and stealth missions, the cities and towns just blew me away. Also Adam Jensen’s jacket is just too BEAST!

Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone. Who is toughest?

Arnie.. there’s just no contest!
Which cartoon or comic book character would you like to spend the afternoon with? And what flavour ice cream would you buy them?

I would love to spend the afternoon with Peter Griffin.. I’d give him all the ice cream he desires..

Complete the sentence:

Chapstick can also be used for... doodling with?? Okay, that sounded a bit wrong..

I can't help... hugging my cat every few minutes.. she’s my world!

Rain gives me... comfort when I listen to it. You feel a lot calmer when you listen to rain.

I don't want more than one... gaming channel. I’ve thought about starting my own channel purely on FIFA, but that would mean I’d be managing 3 channels at a time and that would be too much hard work!

Twitter needs... to ban Piers Morgan from tweeting about Arsenal.. generally, I can’t stand the bloke, but I hate him more when that topic comes into play!

Would you rather...

Spend an hour
A) Talking nicely about something you don't care about
B) Arguing about something you really love
C) Dancing to the oldies. ...with some oldies.

A – I talk to my mum about Arsenal.. I don’t care about them because I’m a Chelsea fan, but I’m happy to discuss it with her.. because at the end of the day, I have a lot of time for my mum!

Have to
A) Wear gloves for 2 days straight, no taking them off
B) Put sunglasses on every time you enter a building for a month
C) Wear a chocolate moustache for a week

B – If you wear sunglasses anywhere, you are dubbed cool, and you can tell people to “deal with it”, if you beat them at a game of FIFA!

At a theme park, ride only
A) Roller Coasters
B) Log Flumes / Water rides
C) The Teacups

A – Roller Coasters.. I absolutely love them! But when I was little, I hated them! How things change in life!

Spend the day working as
A) A dog walker to a dog with diarrhea
B) A window washer with a 6 year old sidekick who keeps putting their sticky hands all over the windows
C) A monkey hairstylist with no customers

C – I don’t think I could stand smelling dog shit for 24 hours, I hate kids who annoy me, especially 6-year-olds.. but at least if you’re not getting customers at a monkey hairstylists, at least you don’t have to pick nits out of their hair!

Your memory is
A) Extremely good
B) About average
C) Monkey hairstylist

B – I have selective memory.. well, that’s what a lot of people say anyway!

Draw a picture of yourself if you were a mouse. Be as detailed as you wish.

I’d be Jerry’s brother! As you can see, my drawing isn’t all that great, but oh well! 

Need to know more about Chris? Me too! So why not check out his youtube channels:


And Chris's Main Channel

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