Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Twitter Interview #4 @pj_bud

My 4th Twitter Interview is with the much esteemed @pj_bud
I recall many years ago when we were both spies together, it was a lot of paper work but a lot of fun too. ...Until I found out he was a double agent. ...But it was okay...because I was a double agent too.

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?

State your name and purpose:

Dr. Lardoop K. Reebletopp, Professor of Advanced Trilobology at Eff University.

What is the best flavour for yogurt?

Strawberry flavour is indeed in the top 3 flavours. I like how you put the u in flavour still.

You just won a years supply! But of what?

Potatoes, theres so much you can do with a potato, then again, there's only so much you can do with a potato, so cheese slices.

You have been given the power to cross breed 3 different animals to form one animal. Which animals do you choose?

Hamster (furry)  Elephant (size) Human (so it can talk)

You have just acquired your own tv channel. What existing shows would you buy to show on your channel? And what sort of reality show would you create?

All the shows I like I would put on! Reality show would follow my friend Chino!

A new astrological sign has been invented, it's called CapriSunrius. Write this week's horoscope for CapriSunrius:
The flying thing you saw was not a spacecraft, it was the light reflecting off of venus and --(FLASH)--

 If you could spend the day travelling through a real life version of a game, which game(s) would you choose? (Video and/or Board game)
Sonic 2, casino night zone, cha-ching.

You have just become pan-global superstar Chino the hamster, what is the first thing you do?
I'd call out SQUEAAAAAK then dance, a funky dance. Then stop and not show anyone else.

You go on a one man trip to Mars. You meet the only remaining Martian. How do you comfort him?
I'd say "Susan..." "You gotta find that cloning machine ASAP, it's the only way."
I don't know what he would say back but I would go on to say..
"I'm sorry, that machine only works for creatures based on DNA"
And he would be all like, say wuuuuuut.

Write a haiku about this interview:

All of the questions
Flying around like crazy
Landing on your site

Complete the sentence:

Mashed potatoes are... serendipitous!

6pm is a time for... noticing this is the time where good tv shows used to come on but don't anymore.

Trees would be better if... they all had drinkable sap taps.

Cartoon characters have... feelings too!

If help is needed... help is nodded.

Would you rather...

Work as
A) A window washer when it's hail stoning
B) A fumigator with all windows and doors closed
C) A man who hides tubs of honey up in trees, much to Winnie the Pooh's chagrin, who, for all we know might get his real life bear friends to hunt you down

C because winnie needs to cut the sugar soon or face a life of type 2 diabetes.

Have to
A) Give 2 cans of Red Bull to a 5 year old then convince them to take a nap
B) Drink 2 cans of Red Bull yourself then convince yourself to take a nap
C) Delete Red Bull and all other energy drinks including coffee from existence

Ugh, B but it won't work

A) A pie in the face
B) Slimed by Slimer
C) Splashed by a car going through a puddle

SLIME then perform tests on the slime, then develop methods of capturing spooks, then trademark the business name, then make millions from that. The puddle thing doesn't compare.

A) Buy something for more than it's worth
B) Sell something for less than it's worth
C) Swap something for a mystery prize of equal value

SWAP, See What hAPpens...

You killed Mrs Peacock with
A) The lead pipe
B) The dagger
C) Candlestick


Please explain why you killed Mrs Peacock:
It was always in the cards.

Draw a picture of yourself as a spy.


And there we have it. Though I think he killed Mrs Peacock because she's a drunk. Now go follow @pj_bud and encourage him to tweet more!

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