Monday, July 15, 2013

Twitter Interview #11 @Sonicfan00715

My 11th Twitter Interview is with the lovely @Sonicfan00715
We became friends as soon as I saw his username. Sonic fans stick together!!
Onto the interview!

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will?

I'm happy to participate and also there's chili dogs right in front of me so I must!

State your name and purpose:

I'm Sam Darwish and I'm a gamer nerd and lover of movies like Jamie Kennedy in scream I have a decent knowledge of films and games :D

What is the most stupid candy bar? And why is it so stupid?

The most stupid candy bar is the Hershey whatchamacallit and I'm not even kidding that is what its called :D

You just created your own magazine. What is it about? How much does it cost? And can I write an article for it?

It is about retro gaming ad the love for retro gaming and it costs 2.99 and yes u can write as much as you would like you would be my main contributor to the magazine

You just won a years supply! But of what?

Reese’s peanut butter cup it is my favorite candy of all time

Sonic the Hedgehog has come to you and asked if you can help him fly like Tails. Do you help him? And how would you help without hurting Tails?

Yes of course I'd help him and I would help him by giving him the ability to fly because then he would be flying around at the speed of sound!

A new sci-fi web series is being developed. What planet would you set it on?

I would set it on Uranus see what I did there? xD jokes are fun

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game)

That’s easy besaid island from final fantasy X that island is just so beautiful and lush and the water is so clear and beautiful and just relaxing and having no worries playing blitzball with Wakka

You are making a house of cards and just as you put the last 2 cards on top, a hippy walks by and his stench knocks over all your hard work. What do you do?

Get incredibly mad and spin dash him to pieces because no hippy shall mess with Sonic’s house of cards since he built them and I was putting the finishing touches on it

You just opened a brand new zoo, but have only 3 enclosures. Which 3 animals do you bring into your zoo? And what do you name them?

A hedgehog a echidna and a fox and I name them sonic tails and knuckles respectively

Complete the sentence:

The most unrealistic sentence is... what is food? Like really your going to ask what food is you might as well eat dirt and believe me I met someone who asked that same question and that was my response

If I had a monkey... I'd inject him with radioactive superpowers and he shall be named super monkey!

I used to like... Barney the Dinosaur don’t judge you watched it too when you were little

YouTube is almost... too addicting 

Humans can't smell as well as dogs because...  there sense of smell is to filled up with the aroma of chili dogs :D

Would you rather...

Work for a week as
A) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and be mocked by the other reindeer
B) An airplane pilot with extremely itchy eyes
C) Handkerchief disposal man

C because I could find out which handkerchief has a bomb or a deadly poison and dispose of it and then I shall be hailed as a superhero!

Be called
A) Ticklemaster General
B) Funkmaster Shy Guy
C) Fashionista Jennifer

B because I'd get a boombox and start freestyling and beatboxing and you’ll get the urge to get down and dance to the beat

Be compared to
A) A scurrying rat with wet, dirty fur
B) An Oscar nominee who doesn't deserve it and gets thrown out of Hollywood
C) A clock that never ticks

C because it would  be like not moving at all so definitely a clock

By a jury of your peers, be named
A) Worst person to talk to before 11am
B) Worst person to tell your secrets to
C) A generally nice person...except for the smell

Definitely A because before 11 am I turn into the hulk and you wouldn’t like me when im angry before 11 am

This bed
A) Is too soft
B) Is too hard
C) Smells too much like a bear

C did I have a one night stand with smokey the bear last night?

Draw a picture of yourself floating away while holding a balloon. Be as detailed as you wish.

It's not exactly me cuz I'm not sure how to draw on a word document but this would be pretty much how I would look floating except skinny :D

Winnie the Pooh was the exact image I had in my mind! We're brain twins!!

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