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Twitter Interview #8 @80sNostalgia

For my 8th Twitter interview (has it been 8 already?!) is the fantastic @80sNostalgia!!
Hilarious guy and a sort of medium, but instead of letting you talk to the dead, he lets you talk to your past! Kind of...well...he certainly makes you remember things from being a kid that most people have all but forgotten!
Interview time! 

Are you happy to participate in this interview or are you doing it against your will? 

I'm happy to take part in this interview and do so of my own free will, but a deal is a deal and you must return my phone afterwards. I'm missing it. 

State your name and purpose: 

I'm Craig, and I own 80sNostalgia.com 

What is the funniest animal? 

Bats are the funniest. They have the bodies of mice, the tongues of anteaters, the wings of birds, arms made of long sticks and ears from some sort of small cat. They also talk at a pitch no-one can hear. Its as though someone just put all the spare animal parts together and came up with Bats. 

Which sitcom wife is the best? 

Peggy from Married with Children. That long drawly way of talking, overly flamboyant clothes and hair... I think she's a brilliant character. 

You just won a years supply! But of what? 

Breakfast cereal. I could live off Corn Flakes or Ricicles. 

You really need to go to the bathroom but an elderly lady is taking a million years in there. What do you do? 

Probably start to cough to get her attention to hurry her along. Having said that, if I'm waiting for an elderly lady to finish using the toilet, I'm probably in the ladies toilets and likely to be arrested. I believe they have toilets in police stations too, so its a win-win situation. 

Tell us an exaggerated story of what you did this morning. 

I woke up really early, before the alarm went off in fact, woke my kids up in a cheery way and went downstairs to make coffee. As I stood next to the kettle, I sang something operatic which was completely in tune and waited for my awesomeness to manifest. 3 seconds later, when it did, I pointed to the sky and gave the sun permission to rise. Then I got on with the mundane stuff. 

Mickey Mouse, Jerry (from Tom and Jerry), Pinky, The Brain, Fievel. Which is the best mouse? 

Even though he is from the 90s, The Brain is by far the best mouse out of that selection. Complete evil genius hindered only by his sidekick. If Pinky wasn't there, The Brain would be have taken over the world years ago. 

If you could spend the day traveling through a real life version of a game, which game would you choose? (Video and/or Board game) 

I'd probably opt to spend the day travelling through Cluedo. No, actually, that could get a bit tricky having to come up with alibis. I'm quite lazy, so I'd spend a day living Guess Who. I'd just sit there while people said No and pushed me over. 

You are yourself at 10yrs old. How would your perfect day go? 

I'd go to the sweet shop with my grandpa and buy bags of coltsfoot rock, aniseed twists, winter nips and blackjacks, and spend the day at Blackpool in the arcades on the piers. 

Complete the sentence:

Triangular is the best shape for...Doritos. (They are the pinnacle of cheesy goodness.) 

2013 would be better if...I'd have followed through with all the things I'd planned to have done in all the previous years. 

My brain doesn't...realise I'm 39, and still yearns to do things I used to do in childhood, like skateboard and play tig. 

I have at least...20 packets of Space Raiders crisps in the cupboard. 

Ladybirds love...other ladybirds.

Would you rather...

Be a guest star on
A) The Cosby Show
B) Cheers
C) Taxi 

Cheers - It would be so cool to go somewhere where EVERYBODY knows your name, AND have them be glad that you came. THAT would be cool! 

Be presented with an award for
A) Longest moustache
B) Excellent tiptoeing
C) Nobbliest knees 

Excellent Tiptoeing - Anything that lets me pull off good Shakin' Stevens impressions, posing on tip toes, must be a good thing! 

Have a co-worker who is
A) Too smelly
B) Too talkative
C) Too psycho
D) Doc from Back To The Future, who is desperate to get you to leave work early and get in the DeLorean ASAP 

Although the Doc one is the obvious one, I'd prefer to have a co-worker who was too psycho. I do tend to attract the odd people, and have found that if you treat the local psycho like a friend, when they DO eventually completely flip out and go properly psycho, they'll remember that you treated them nicely and spare you from any harm.

Have the super power of
A) Confusion
B) Tickling people from a distance
C) Freezing flies in mid-flight 

Oh, tickling people from a distance would be superb! You could even do it covertly so they wouldn't know how it was happening. That would be too good! 

A) a pie in the face
B) Slimed by Slimer
C) Splashed by a car going through a puddle 

Pie in the face. I like pie, especially fruit pie, so to get a huge amount of pie is not a bad thing.

Draw a picture of yourself wearing a comical hat. Be as detailed as you wish.

 I just have to say, I effing LOVE pencil drawings. Kudos to Craig!

And why not check out his website!

And of course, his twitter feed! @80sNostalgia

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